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What if your goals and vision board were not the biggest factors of your business success?

What if your primary responsibility was to wake up each day, connect to the deepest part of your soul, and set out to make a positive difference on the planet?

What if happiness, joy, and meaning were part of your big vision – and ease and grace were part of every moment?

A few years ago, I lost sight of how important this really is.

I began muscling through tasks determined to grow my business with a deep sense of urgency before my husband retired.

I worked long hours from a place of obligation rather than joy.

And, I focused on profits, not purpose.

While I was rewarded in many ways during this season, it was also one of the most trying times in my business as every project I took on felt hard, and I started to resent my business and my life.

When I pushed the pause button and began saying “YES!” only to what makes me happy, a lot shifted.

And, I became a lot more fun to be around.

Maybe you’ve experienced this shift yourself – and are intentional about every action.

Or, perhaps you’re wondering how do I only work on what makes my soul sing.

How is that even possible when you have bills to pay?!?

I discovered it was easier than I remembered.

The simple truth is by shifting my perspective to what brings me happiness, joy and meaning, more happiness, joy and meaning showed up.

And, I’m always looking for ways to grow this in my life.

The more happiness I look for, the better I feel.

The better I feel, the more opportunities I find.

The more opportunities I find, the more success and meaning are part of my life.

Using each project and/or meeting, I’m constantly examining the level of happiness, joy, and meaning I’m experiencing in the moment.

This is my invitation to you.  

Get curious. Get curious about what inspires you and what energizes you.

Big Vision - Lisa Marie Platske


The Upside Challenge of the week is to follow your curiosity. When and where do you feel happy? What are you doing when you feel your life has meaning? Schedule three (3) of these activities. Note on your calendar or journal how you feel before and after.

Give the world the best of you, not the stressed of you….

…because the world needs you and your brilliance.

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