Transforming Lives Through Leadership

If Henry Ford would have given people what they wanted, he would have built a faster horse.

When you use YOUR GIFTS, ABILITIES, TALENTS, and EXPERIENCES, you give people more than what they want, you GIVE THE WORLD WHAT IT NEEDS.


All of You.

Your full, authentic, AWESOMELY REAL-TO-THE-CORE self.

Oscar Wilde said, “Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken.”


Because there is only one YOU.

No one else has your life experiences to do what you’re here to do on the planet right now.

In 7th-grade science class, you learned that all things are energy –

~ your body,

~ your desk,

~ your books,

~ the bed you sleep in,

~ your thoughts,


From this list, only your thoughts evoke energy that bring you closer to your goals.

You see, as you bring your thoughts to a focus point, you get clarity of vision. Clarity of vision gives you the energy you need and is the STARTING POINT of ACTION.

Your mind may wander and get distracted by the long list of responsibilities you have in your life.

I counted 17 to-do’s this morning alone.

It takes EFFORT to concentrate and your focus to laser in on the ONE AREA that you are on fire about and for.

For me, that single purpose is


And while clarity is the starting point of great action, it takes people in your CIRCLE – YOUR CLOSEST CONNECTIONS – to ensure you stay the course.

These people remind you who you are and what you’re here to do…

–> They keep you from hiding out.

–> They tell you to stop making excuses and playing small.

–> They encourage you to rise up. Again and again.

–> They call your bulls%$t when they see it because they care.

They take a stand for who you are and what matters to you.

Focus on stepping into your brilliance, understanding that in being your unique self you can bring what the world needs instead of what it wants.

And be clear about who’s got your back. Surround yourself with truth-sayers and people committed to your very best.

SEE Upside.

BE Upside.

LEAD Upside.

ACTION: The Upside Challenge of the week is to identify three people who’ve really got your back and how you see evidence of it in action.

Reach out to them. Acknowledge what they do for you.

Do you do the same for them?

The world needs you and your brilliance… now more than ever. Go shine your light.

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