You may never have expected to experience what you’re living right now. 

And I get people are hurting in many different ways. 

Working as a Federal law enforcement officer during 9/11 and after 15 years in business, I’ve been through some hard times.  

There were the mind-numbing 16-hour shifts where I worked 21 days straight, unable to feel anything. 

There was the life-threatening car accident on the middle of a 4-lane freeway smashing into a tractor trailer and retaining wall.  

There was the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 where training contracts came to a halt. 

And each time, I’ve seen the same thing – the ability to come back stronger. 

This time will be no different.  

In fact, in times of crisis, leaders understand these are defining moments. 

My husband, a pilot, would often say pilots don’t get paid for sunny days, they get paid for the storms. 

While we are all learning how to adjust and stay grounded when headlines scream that your health and well-being are under attack, it’s easy to feel alone. 

Especially when your loved ones or support system may be far away, reduced to online connecting. 

Yet, what happens now will define future generations and change the fabric of society. 

How do you make the best decisions when you experience uncertainty and mixed information? 

For me, I turn to trusted advisors and relationships that were built before the storm. 

They ensure I don’t crumble under the weight of fear and uncertainty – and instead ensure that I grow, flourish, and come out stronger during uncertain times. 

During every hard time in my life, I chose to be grateful for my blessings and focus on what was in my control at the time: my mindset, my behavior, and my actions. 

As an upside thinker, I’m optimistic about humankind’s ability to use crisis to adapt, evolve, and change. Some of the greatest innovations in history grew out of frightening, pessimistic times. 

I’m witnessing heroes on the front line and people helping friends, neighbors, and strangers stay safe. 

I’m seeing stories of people keeping their businesses open by being creative as the world heals. 

And, I’m humbled by those staying up late working in factories and offices around the world. 

Personally, I’m grateful to be surrounded by brilliant leaders who inspire me to do better. 

ACTION: The Upside Challenge of the week is to identify ways to show up for the people around you. How can you be your best self – a leader worth following – during changing times? 

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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