Are you in the summertime slump?

For most people, this happens when the weather is warm and everyone starts talking about time off and travel.

It can take more energy to get out of bed in the morning as you’re feeling a bit sluggish and unmotivated.

If you find yourself in the summertime slump or in a slump during any time of the year, here are 3 ways to renew your sense of appreciation for each day.

1 – Create

Negativity is the biggest secret energy drain on your day. (You actually expend a great deal trying to deal with it!)

To ensure I stay in the Upside zone, I create a 100-foot circle around me so I don’t allow negativity to get within 100-feet of me.

If I do find myself interacting with a negative person or situation, I ask myself, “How can I show up as love in this situation?” 

Love is a powerful antidote to negativity.

Create love wherever you go. 

2 – Meditate

Every month, I offer clients a 5-day challenge to reinvigorate a certain dimension of their life.

Last month, it was all about 20-minutes of meditation.

When you connect with yourself in peaceful medication, you experience joy, peace and yes energy!

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and take ten (10) long, deep breaths. ((No need to count them…))

Place all of your attention on your heart, and envision your breath coming from your heart as you silently repeat, “Peace, Joy, Love,” over and over.

Your energy will increase and you’ll feel more inspired throughout the day.

3 – Celebrate

What you focus on in your life expands.

I don’t watch the news or spend a lot of time scrolling through social media.

Throughout the day, I pay attention to the good that is going on in the world.

I celebrate my small wins and operate with a mindset of gratitude.

Your energy is a limited resource. Use it wisely and replenish it as needed.


The Upside Thought of the week is to examine what practices and habits bring you energy. Build them you’re your daily routine. Then practice. Every day. After all, “Practice makes perfect” … or at least makes more energy

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