Last year, I made the decision to begin creating a 2nd edition of Connection: The New Currency.

Released in 2012, there were elements of this book I wanted to shine light on – and I wanted to create a fresh new approach on the topic.

I hired new editors, a book formatter, and worked with the authors to remove what no longer felt relevant and update their own thinking on connection.

Recently, I did a radio interview about the book, which was just released on March 14th, where I shared the reason this book has been heavy on my heart is we live in the most connected time the world has ever seen and yet it doesn’t always feel that way.

It’s possible to talk with people on the other side of the planet and see them on a video screen as if they were sitting next to you.

(Never in a million years did I ever think I would have clients from other parts of the world – with a 12-hour time difference.)

With a few keystrokes, you can send a text or email to a friend on the other side of the globe, and get a message back in a matter of moments.

You can have partnerships and collaborators in business on multiple continents.

As a kid, if I wanted answers, I went to the Encyclopedia Britannica and looked up the answer.

I could take an adventure all by myself and spend hours immersed in those books.

Today, you have everything you could possibly need to know available in an instant – and 24 hours a day.

My husband notes the “google effect” – and his response to almost every question I ask is, “Just Google it.”  

From working with thousands of people I am intimately aware that in spite of how easy it is to communicate with people all over the world in an instant, there are many people who feel disconnected and alone.

Many suffer silently in their own lives not wanting to rock the boat.

Countless others who look like they have it all with the trappings of financial and business success on the outside are lonely in their own homes.

Social media has created a false sense of connection because now you and I are “connected” online yet live in different communities and seldom actually talk or get to spend time together.

Most people lack the intimacy that comes from deep friendships and relationships.

The consequences showing up in research findings are: 1) clinical depression has increased, and 2) loneliness has been linked to disease.

Human beings are communal creatures and need connection to prosper and flourish.

This is why I emphasize connection to the group community at Design Your Destiny Live.

And, in my “Realize Your Destiny”, “Seize Your Spotlight”, and “Live Your Legacy” programs, I highly encourage participants to meet outside of the group interactions and form deeper bonds with each community member.

While some of my colleagues feel this is bad business, I am committed to what is best for my clients – and fully cognizant that connection has the ability to change your life.  

When you deepen relationships with people who see you and hear you, your opportunities increase and so does your energy and outlook on life.

Connection becomes a form of currency as you experience the richness in your life from having people in your circle who are there for you in the hard times, and cheer you on in the best of times.

In addition, connection expands your network of resources.

For example, if you recognize your colleague has a skill set that is not in your own wheelhouse, it may make good sense to delegate or outsource that work to your colleague.

In my business, client coach Suzanne Dudley-Schon is better at grammar and punctuation so she edits most of my written work.

Ultimately, this allows me to work smarter, not harder.

What will your connections allow you to accomplish this week?


The Upside Challenge of the week is calendar 15-minutes of time to connect with others every day this week. Make this a top priority in your life. Notice the impact in the various areas of energy, opportunities, and well-being.

Do what you do best. Network the rest.

The world needs you and your brilliance. 

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