Getting the Most Out - Upside Thinking

As a former workaholic, I’ve gone back in time and examined what didn’t work – and why.

I’ve also been paying attention to what it takes for me to succeed in my personal and professional life – the times I have more energy, focus, and drive.

When I worked in the government, I thought time management was possible.

When I opened my business, I realized that time is finite. The difference between top performers and those who struggle is not the amount of time they have, or even how they manage all of the hours in the day.  The difference is in how they manage their energy throughout the day.

You get 24 hours a day and so do I.

That adds up to 1,440 minutes each day – a whopping 158 hours each week or 8,760 hours each year.

That’s it.

There’s no way to get more.

It doesn’t matter how many degrees you’ve earned, how gifted your children are, or how much money you have in the bank.

You get 24 hours and so do I. You can’t add them, move them around, or “manage” them.

However, you can manage your energy.

Several years ago, I attended a workshop where I was given the opportunity to have my blood work run by someone who specializes in eastern medicine.

I thought, “Why not?” and purchased the package.

When the results came back, I was shocked.

Her report outlined a whole host of issues including heart inflammation, a leaky gut, and a thyroid gland that wasn’t fully functioning.

Here I was walking around feeling as if I was in optimal health and my insides were a mess.

Without sharing all of the details, I signed up for a strict protocol that included eating no gluten, dairy, sugar or soy for 4 months, increasing my exercise, and taking supplements.

What happened was astonishing!

Getting the Most Out - Upside Thinking

My energy went through the roof, and I could get even more done in less time.

I also began paying attention to how much more I got done after vacation or unplugging.

What I discovered is that energy can be increased and decreased by certain activities.

Because I work with people who want to design their destiny and be courageous leaders worth following, I encourage them to do less, not more.

Actually, I promise it.

When I’m on stage at my annual Design Your Destiny Live event, I share the importance of focusing on one thing and getting more done– prioritizing projects or to-dos from a decisive understanding of what holds greater value.

I further share that if they work with me in one of my programs, my goal is for them to have more spaciousness and work less – and get more done.

I am living proof it is possible.

So, how did I do to manage my energy and get the most out of my day?

Getting the Most Out Of Your Days

I prioritize not only work action but also my health and well being.  Here is a list of what I value– my well-being priorities– that ensure my energy levels.

  1. Sweet Dreams.
    My favorite time of day is naptime – and the only time better is bedtime. I value my sleep as it serves as the foundation for me moving my vision forward and being productive. I’m incredibly intentional about getting enough rest and have certain habits that ensure I sleep well. I like my sleeping quarters to be dark, cool, and quiet so that I can peacefully drift off to sleep and enjoy sweet dreams.
  2. The Power of the Pause.
    It’s easy to rush through the day checking tasks off your list without every stopping long enough to figure out if you’re still moving towards your vision. When you lean into the power of the pause, you give yourself the spaciousness you need to be fully present on the journey – and examine what’s working and not working.
  3. 100-Foot Rule.When you surround yourself with people who find the best in others, it has a positive effect on your well-being. I have a 100-Foot Rule. I don’t allow anyone with toxic energy to get within 100-feet of me at any time. Toxic people are energy vampires, and they literally suck the life out of us. Studies show that listening to complainers is bad for your brain. Exposure to nonstop negativity impairs brain functions. It turns the brain to mush after 30 minutes, peeling away neurons in the hippocampus area responsible for reasoning and memory. Being around positive people is energizing and makes for a more productive life.
  4. Movin’ and Groovin’.
    If I sit at my desk for too long – even if I’m highly engaged in a project, my energy drops. I challenge myself to stretch, dance, hop up and down, and just move. There are days when I feel as if I don’t have the time or energy to exercise – and yet, I have twice as much during the day when I actually do it. Funny how that happens. That’s because movin’ and groovin’ actually give you energy, increasing your productivity.
  5. You Are What You Eat.
    One of my best friends says I have the preferred diet of a 12-year old boy. What she means is if I’m not intentional about my food choices, I would choose junk food. Cheetos. Oreos. French Fries. Yet, food serves as fuel and provides the energy you need to thrive. And, when I eat that way, I feel awful and I have less energy. When I eat fruits, meats, nuts, and have a healthy balanced diet, I get more done. Good nutrition makes for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Action Getting the Most Out - Lisa Marie Platske

The Upside Challenge of the week is to commit to improve your self-care and well-being. Make it a priority. Take at least one specific action each day that will positively impact your health (mental or physical). Feel free to get ideas from my list 🙂

Leaders understand the value of prioritizing their health because in order to do their best, they must be their best.

Be your best, because…

…the world needs you and your brilliance.

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