I just got back from an incredible, perfectly designed three day retreat and I am joy-filled, at peace, and (if I’m honest) exhausted.

Giving of myself fully and completely in body, mind, and spirit as well as being in the space of willingly and openly receiving for three full days will do that to you – and here I am back to work on Monday morning.

When I worked in the government I would often hear someone say, “I HATE MONDAYS!”

How about you? Have you ever said that?

Hate Mondays?

Not me! I LOVE that first day of the work week when I’m fresh after a weekend of R&R, taking care of me and spending time with my loving and supportive husband Jim. And, this weekend it was all about giving back as I stepped away from my gloriously prosperous, every-so-connected life to return home on Sunday evening and have Jim cook lobster tails and corn on the cob for dinner for me.

Hate Mondays?

Nope. One of the best parts of my life is that any day can be a vacation day and any day can be a work day, Mondays included.

Hate Mondays?

No, I actually I treasure them, remembering every day is a chance to reinvent myself and my life.

Hate Mondays?

Can’t say I do! As Khalil Gibran said, “Work is love made visible.” And, the work I do changes lives.

How about you? Are you grateful for the work you do Monday and every day of your life? If not, what will you do about it?

See Upside. Be Upside. Live Upside

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