If you’re like me, you’ve spent time watching the Olympics over the past few weeks.

What I enjoy most is the singleness of purpose that got each athlete to London, and the sense of camaraderie that occurs when you watch great competitors come together.

Did you ever notice how some people make a challenging task look easy and effortless?

At the Olympics, you see it often.

·         The gymnast flies through the air with ease and grace, and lands with a smile on her face acknowledging the crowd.

·         The swimmer cuts through the water at world-record speed, only to touch the wall and make us cry tears of joy.

·         The runner explodes off of the starting block to push the human body in ways we cannot understand.

When I was in high school, I ran cross country.  I was lean, had excellent form, and ran every day, however, I never pushed myself very hard.

Yes, I was my own worst enemy, and for that I never was a great competitive runner.

Unlike my husband, I wasted my talent, and envious of my teammates and their consistent wins, I often thought, “I wish I had that (fill in the blank)…”

Every great Olympian knows the magic formula for gold is more than raw talent; it takes choice, commitment, and discipline to turn possibility into reality.

You and I have unique talents.

Yes, you are capable of doing something exceptionally well.

You are wired for success.

Yet, even if you have talent but are not interested in the choice, commitment, and discipline part of the equation, you are doomed to be a great spectator in life, and never a gold-medal player. (Fortunately, I learned my lesson from my cross-country days…)

What does it take for easy and effortless success?

The AT&T ad that ran during the Olympics summed it up well.

Luck doesn’t get you to the Olympic Games 
You can’t wish your way onto the podium
You can’t buy it or hope for it
It’s not enough to dream about it
Luck didn’t get me to the Olympics 
I swam here. – Ryan Lockte, Eleven (11) time Olympic medalist

In my work as a leadership coach, I ask my clients,“Who are you? What do you want? And, why does it matter?”

Very few can answer that question within the three (3) – five (5) minutes I give them.

Remember, you have talents that are uniquely yours – and given to you for a reason.

No one has your very special life.

Don’t waste it.

See Upside. Be Upside. Live Upside.

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