Connecting Into the Beingness of Leadership

We all want to be heard, seen and happy.

You. Me. And yes, even the cranky guy that lives next door.

Yet, many people feel disconnected, isolated, and overwhelmed and have no idea what to do about it.

As doors open in a post-Covid world, the pace is picking up. That increased speed may create a newfound stress and anxiety as now personal and professional lives are interwoven.

The beingness of leadership requires the ability to co-create, collaborate, and connect. It requires bringing together all pieces of who you are to perform at your optimal level.  

The traditional way of using the left brain technical and tactical skills to solve problems isn’t enough in this new environment. 

Along with those hard skills what is needed is greater use of the creative brain. The right brain problem solves from a more artistic, collaborative approach. It works more holistically, globally, and relationally.

Especially in today’s world, collaboration is key. Together we have more angles of perception and resources. Because the right brain is about relationships, this is why we need to access this part of ourselves even more than ever.

Part of how we get to the stage of collaboration is inspiring and influencing others so that they are naturally drawn to us.

Tapping our own creativity is one way to organically excite others – because in envisioning and speaking about what we see, we help bring it to fruition.

Others begin to see it too and so it gathers energy and momentum.

And, conversely, in listening and imagining someone else’s big vision, we are often inspired.

Although each person is uniquely wired, the entry point to the creative is a common ground we share. 

It starts with willingness. A willingness to be open and receive something other than what you already have and understand.

While that seems simple enough, there is often an underlying resistance that can undermine even the good intention of being open. We can still have lurking doubts, or beliefs that hold us captive to what is known rather than risking something new…

Openness requires courage and vulnerability. It takes courage to honestly evaluate what isn’t working and to try something unfamiliar.

You need courage to lower the armor of what worked in the past in order to be truly vulnerable and open.

Part of the magic of coaching is to be in a creative dance with a client so that they can move forward differently with a greater ability to be themselves, on purpose, and achieve their mission.

The answers are created – by the genius of the client and coach connecting, sharing, cooperating in the effort of finding solution that is truly aligned and for the highest and best good of all.

Be willing to use your whole brain and whole hear to achieve your best.

Everyone benefits.

ACTION: The Upside Challenge of the week is to pick two right brain actions to take.

Here are two suggestions:

1) take time to deeply connect with someone, really listening with an open mind and heart;

2) try a different approach to a familiar problem, even if it’s doing a routine differently like brushing your teeth in a different manner. Notice how the process unfolds. What do you notice?

Be willing.

Because the world needs you and your brilliance.

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