During times of change, it’s important to create space to reflect on where you are and how far you’ve come to address what’s needed next.

In looking back at over 15 years of business opportunities, I realize I’ve represented Fortune 500 clients, facilitated trainings in several parts of the world, worked with executives, university educators, non-profit leaders, and entrepreneurs in over 30 industries. 

As both a facilitator and speaker, I’ve been blessed to work with large, diverse audiences and coached leaders, walking them through deep, meaningful exercises that transformed their workplaces and personal lives. 

When I sat down to identify what they all have in common, it was 3 things: 

1 – Everyone wants deep connection – even the people who exhibit behavior that shows otherwise, and their status seems as if it prevents it.

2 – Everyone wants to be valued, appreciated and loved for who they are intrinsically. Being seen, heard, and understood for your accomplishments is different than being valued for your beingness. 

3 – Everyone is afraid of something or someone. While clients come to me wanting to be better leaders in their life and at work, there are times when leadership isn’t the issue. Forgiveness and acceptance are – and fear can get in the way. 

It’s amazing to witness how and where fear shows up in all of their lives. 

  • Fear of disappointing someone.
  • Fear of disappointing themselves.
  • Fear of being rejected.
  • Fear of not being included – or worse, ousted.
  • Fear of missing out on the opportunity.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of their personal safety.

And, the list goes on and on. 

Here’s the thing about fear – it’s often not real. And it can steal your joy and keep you from your mission, purpose, and calling. 

During a training course I was taking, I had a profound and surreal moment in the middle of the night in Costa Rica. 

I lay awake paralyzed by my fear – and identified how I was afraid of the dark. I’m quick to use my mind to identify solutions to a problem and chose to do something different. 

I prayed and tapped into Divine wisdom vs. thinking about how to get myself out of the fear I was feeling. 

What came over me was the correlation between light and dark in each of us – and how without darkness, there can be no light. 

My heartbeat slowed and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace come over me. 

While there is so much more I could share about this experience, what I learned from it is a new understanding of the profound opportunity we have to build trust and intimacy with others when we vulnerably share our truth and step out of our own “darkness” in spite of fear. 

To do this, it takes unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves first. 

I have witnessed this in my own life. To step out in faith, leaving fear behind, allowed for greater depth of connection, both in relationships with others and with my own potential. 

It is possible to move past your fear to where you want to go.

The best leaders do this even when they’re shaking in their boots.  

Yes, it can be done. 

And, you are the one called right now. 

You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. 

This is your time. 

ACTION:  The Upside Challenge of the week is to choose to take on a fear that has been holding you back. 

Apply unconditional love. 

Notice how it affects your mindset and your ability to take action. 

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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