These are changing times. 

Yet, I continue to move forward with my business and what I’m being called to do right now despite the swirl of external events that bring up moments of grief and sadness.

When I left the Federal government to launch Upside Thinking, Inc., I did it out of my love for leadership. 

Leadership changed my life and I could see how understanding how to lead well had the ability to make a massive positive difference on the planet. 

While I had a lot of ideas and enthusiasm for the possibilities, I worried that I didn’t have the pedigree or credentialing. 

Because I worked in the government, I also had no contacts in business either – and moved 3000 miles away from my closest friend or family member.  

What I soon discovered is that my concerns had nothing to do with credentials, and everything to do with me questioning my own worth and ability to succeed in business

The doubt I was listening to had me wondering: 

·   Was I smart enough?

·   Was I talented enough?

·   Was I just plain enough for this crazy idea to work out? 

My life had been changed by mentors who didn’t have any credentials – people who learned from experience and passed their experience on. 

Inspired by them I took the leap of faith and put myself out there before I had any formal coach training. 

My 1st client signed a contract to work with me because of my strengths in leadership, connection and executive presence via positioning, not because of my degrees. 

While I did go back to school to get my coach certification and master coach designation, no one has ever asked me about my credentials. 

They did ask me about the results I would deliver. 

Today, I’ve trained, coached, and mentored close to 100,000 leaders and have clients who have experienced pretty amazing results. 

What’s interesting to me is even with clients who are highly credentialed with J.D.’s, MD’s and Ph.D.’s, they often have the same struggle wondering if they have what it takes to be successful – whether they are enough. 

Some of them seek out another certification or degree to further demonstrate their value. The value rests in applying the learning.  

According to research, one of the four qualities employees want from a leader is competence. 

Competence is not defined as having a background in that arena.  

I’ve had clients who are realtors, doctors, attorneys, sales executives, etc. – and I’ve never worked in any of those fields.  

I’m in the wisdom business just like you – and your real expertise comes from your story. The wisdom contained in your unique gifts, abilities, talents and experiences – that’s what makes you unique, valuable, and credible. 

If you find yourself wondering if you are smart enough, have what it takes, etc., following these steps may prove helpful: 

  1. Stop and breathe.
  2. Remind yourself that more than likely, you are listening to doubt and fear masquerading as questions.
  3. Interrogate those thoughts (not feelings) for their validity.
  4. Ask yourself if you are willing to allow doubts to interfere with your mission. Re-align with your purpose and commitment.
  5. If you have emotions come up, deal with those gently and compassionately. Rather than suppressing them, give them light to allow them to disburse.
  6. Return to small action steps. Remember that imperfect action is better than no action at all!

ACTION: The Upside Challenge of the week is to reflect on the difference between how you may feel about yourself (in a wave of doubt) versus the truth of your value.

What are some of the ways you have succeeded in working through it? And if you’re struggling right now, I’m holding you close. Please feel free to reach out at any time. It’s more than a tagline. The world truly needs you and your brilliance.

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