My business turns 15 in 2020.

15 years.

During that time, I’ve been fortunate to break bread with some of the smartest, wisest, most influential leaders on the planet.

Earlier this month, I masterminded with someone I’m honored to call my friend who is considered one of the pioneers in the transformational leadership industry.

Together we peeled back layers of what could be getting in the way of us each doing our greatest work.

Watching her do her own work as she stands at the top of the mountain is inspiring.

I’ve heard many colleagues who speak about the massive successes of friends in the industry attributing it to their willingness to work long hours, persist against all odds, or be effective in their business strategy, systems, and processes that got them to where they are.

Actually, the reasons for their success are none of that.

It’s not even their ability to speak brilliantly on stages around the world or navigate videos on social media.

Their secret is their willingness to do their own forgiveness work while dancing in their own discomfort, possessing immense humility, and being grateful for the challenges and the opportunities.

When you’re willing to humbly serve, you discover the perfection in the imperfection. And the courage to live in it.

Doors open in another plane of consciousness. This openness creates possibilities that aren’t available to just anyone.

This purity of heart means being committed, yet unattached, serving those you’re called to serve regardless of your past, your background or what you do. 

This is where joy on the journey comes from.

In the morning, ask yourself how you can be of service to make a bigger positive difference on the planet.

Stay humble regardless of the challenges or successes on your journey. Each step is small and has value. 

As you exercise patience, you’ll find that service with a grateful heart creates more than grumbling about your circumstances ever will.

Surround yourself with brilliance, people that lift you and inspire you to be your best self. Be someone who brings together amazing people. (I do this every year at my annual Design Your Destiny Live Leadership and Change Agent Course.))

15 years has gone by fast.

I never could have imagined that I’d get to serve in the manner I’ve been called.

I could not have imagined the opportunities that are presented to me every day. 

And, I certainly could not have known this awkward kid from Allentown, Pennsylvania would have crazy-brilliant influential friends and clients.

Yet, here I stand.


The Upside Challenge of the week is to practice.

Practice asking each morning how you can serve today.

Listen to what comes up from you in this practice.

Make a record of what you do in response to that listening. Share it with someone.

And, I’d love to hear…

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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