Growing up, my grandfather was the closest person I had to a mentor.

I hung on to every word he said mesmerized by his quiet brilliance, in awe of how people in the community looked up to him.

When I got to high school, I met Fr. John Krivak who helped me navigate getting into college.

He was kind, wise and an intellectual. I deeply appreciated our conversations as they stretched my growth edges.

Yet, I never met anyone who owned a business or was an expert other than my uncle who we called on for his expertise on plumbing issues. J

I didn’t have any connections to millionaires, billionaires, or coaches.

While the connection to my sisters and brothers in law enforcement was strong, we didn’t talk about our dreams or designing our destiny.

I thought I was responsible for my happiness, success, and meaning and that meant I had to go it alone.

Being a highly-effective leader was something that came from books or watching other people who were leading.

At the time, I didn’t understand the difference between what the best leaders do differently.

When I worked in the government, I loved my job – and I simultaneously felt as if I didn’t belong.

Perhaps you can relate.

I struggled alone – and it was frustrating and sometimes exhausting.

As the founder of Design Your Destiny Live and someone who gets to coach influential leaders, I look back and wish I had someone like me in my corner.

Saying that sounds arrogant – and it’s the truth.

One of my 1st programs was “The Art of Being Extraordinary” because we are all ordinary unless you set out to become extraordinary.

You’ve got to design your success path.

The best leaders don’t go it alone.

They surround themselves with other like-minded leaders.

Because I understand the value of community and support, and that even if you’re a trailblazer, it’s not a requirement to go it alone, I design my programs for generous high-achievers.

When clients enter my programs, they discover a community.

People who resource one another.

Relationships organically develop.

These relationships in turn anchor courage and the initiative to act on the information and coaching I provide.

Clients get me and a group of amazing people in their corner.

Where are you struggling and trying so hard to go it alone?


The Upside Challenge of the week is to identify where you’re trying to go it alone.

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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