“Use your inside voice, not your outside voice,” I heard the Mom say to her son as I waited to be seated.

Her statement made me smile.

Your inside voice. ♥

When I think about my inside voice, I think about the inner voice that has held me back from something I really wanted just so I would be safe.

Sometimes, no matter how much I wanted something, this “inside” voice would interrupt what I said I wanted so I didn’t take the action I needed to get there.

For years I couldn’t figure out why I would self-sabotage my own success.

Opportunities would come to me – and I would wait to take action, and miss them.

One moment in time burns brightly in my mind as an executive in a global electronics manufacturer wanted me to come into his company and work with his team.

We met several times and I even toured the plant, getting a glimpse of what was needed.

My inside voice convinced me I didn’t have the background to really help them – and I put off submitting a proposal.

Several weeks went by, and I just couldn’t write the proposal as that voice was so loud, shouting all of the reasons why I wasn’t qualified.

By the time I circled back, they were no longer interested in working with me, giving that voice merit.

Today that inside voice is still in my head. It hasn’t gone anywhere. I’m not even sure it’s gotten quieter.

There are moments when I’m paralyzed and not sure if I want to take the leap of faith.

Yet, today it doesn’t stop me. Today I use a series of techniques to calm and assuage that voice.

How about you?

Think about something you wanted or a plan that didn’t work out.

Perhaps it was a commitment you made and didn’t follow through on, even though you really wanted it.

A time when you felt you let yourself down and couldn’t understand why you didn’t take the actions needed to get what you wanted.

What was that like for you?

Great leaders, even the most successful ones in the world, have that voice.

They simply understand how to turn those thoughts into a powerful force for good to propel them forward.

When you’re not getting exactly want you want, you’re at a crossroads and have a choice to make.

You can either continue on your path – or reach out and get support. Get out of your head to hear someone else and something else so you can take an action that you really WANT to take.

The choice is yours.

What’s important is you don’t let those voices stop you as the world needs you and your brilliance.


The Upside Challenge of the week is to examine where your “inside voice” is stopping you. Reach out and listen to an outside voice. Reach out to 1-3 other people. Make the choice to ignore the one voice that stops you. Instead listen to the one that allows you to do what you need and want to do.

Comfort doesn’t change the world. Vulnerability changes everything.

The world needs you and your brilliance.  

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