I opened my email this morning and the subject line caught my attention.

While I didn’t have space in my calendar to watch this video, I found myself clicking on the link, entranced by the story. 

So, here I was eating my Good Fat Bar (https://www.goodfat.bar/) at my desk with tears rolling down my face, 15 minutes before my next client appointment.

Yet, I couldn’t turn it off.

I was frozen.

And I wondered, “Why am I crying?”

Why would this video push me to be overcome with emotion to the point that I feel paralyzed and glued to my seat?

And then the light bulb went on. Over my heart.

It gets me every time.


The witnessing of vulnerability in action.

The realness, the pain, the joy, the triumph of a soul exposed for all to see.

It inspires me.

It moves me to tears.

And, it often spurs me into action.

This level of vulnerability when someone is sharing their story has the ability to bring people together for a cause.

Think Martin Luther King, Jr.

Think Mother Teresa.

Think Oprah.

Yes, vulnerability in action can be felt even across a video screen.

When you share openly and transparently about what you’ve experienced and where you are, it opens a window in the soul where another person can fully see you, hear you and understand you.

Your experiences become their experiences.

Your sorrow becomes their sorrow.

And, your joys become their joys.

Empathy and compassion unlock emotional understanding… and the foundation for deep connection.

This is where a critical difference lies– both in business and personally. 

Merely contacting someone and connecting with them is not the same as having connection. 

Having deep connection is currency. It is the currency that helps build powerful relationships and the foundation for big transactions of every kind.   

As Jim Rohn said, “One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is the gift of attention.”


The Upside Challenge of the week is to examine your currency of connection. 

  • Where do you have it? 
  • What did you do to create it? 
  • Where have you been holding back your “gifts” in connecting? 
  • Where do you want to develop it? 

Choose one area, and one person within that area. 

Reach out with the pure intention to go just a little deeper…   The world needs you and your brilliance. 

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