Do Right Now - Upside Thinking

If you could have anything you wanted, what would you wish for?  

  • More hours in your day?
  • Better relationships?
  • Perhaps more productivity?

Or, everyone’s favorite wish: Unlimited Wishes.

When you think about your dreams that you’re waiting to come true, I want to remind you how much the world needs you and your brilliance.

You were created for a reason and purpose – and there has been no one like you on this planet, and never will be anyone quite like you again.

You are a one-of-a-kind superstar whose leadership is like no other.

Yet, too often I speak to people who live a life with chances not taken, words unspoken, and dreams unfulfilled.

From not stepping into a particular career, or not going back to school, or not making the most out of each moment and wasting time, or staying comfortable, to trying to do it all alone, or failing to ask for help, or not fully using their voice, most people have something they want…

….a calling for happiness, success, and meaning.  

So, what are you being called to do right now?

  • Speak?
  • Write a book? A #1 international best-seller?
  • Grow your expertise?

I have clients who turn possibility into reality every day.

Most days, they wake up with the clarity and energy to step into their vision with an ease andgrace that amazes the people around them.

With the help from other destiny designers in the community, they recognize their gifts,abilities, talents, and experience – and see how the world needs them and theirbrilliance.

Just like the world need you.

Your most valuable asset is inside you – and when you share it with others, the worldwins.  

My clients have banded together and are on purpose because we’ve worked on a clear,step-by-step plan where their vision has come to life into tangible actions.  

When you live your dream and actively create what you want – what you were born to do – you light up the world.

Stop listening to the people who doubt you or your abilities.  

As Steve Harvey said,

“You can’t tell big dreams to small minded people.”

If you play it safe, you risk missing out on the life you were meant to live – and being the leader you are called to be.  

Choose to design your destiny – because the world needs you and your brilliance.  


Do Right Now - Lisa Marie Platske

The Upside Challenge of the week is to identify where you may be getting in your own way – and take one action to step fully into a life with no regrets.

Comfort doesn’t change the world.

Vulnerability changes everything.

Remember, the word needs you and your brilliance.

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