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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  

In today’s overfull world where technology follows you wherever you go – and everyone wants your attention now, most people experience overwhelm as a daily norm and the holiday season is no exception.

Overwhelm can lead to procrastination and panic as you wonder what to do next on your long list of to-do’s.

Although I’ve been in business for 14 years – and have coached and consulted some world-class leaders on this topic, I’ve been there – and the feeling that I’d never catch up was one I often felt when I started out.  

At my annual leadership conference, Design Your Destiny Live, I share my 7 Pillars of Leadership.   

Pillar #4 is to live your priorities.  

Yet, what do you do when everything feels like a priority?!?

Recently, I had someone interview me and ask this question – and what I do when it feels as if everything around me requires urgent, immediate action.

Here are 5 steps I move through when I’m feeling as if I’ve got 27 hours of work to get done in a 24 hour time frame.

Step 1: Breathe in through the nose. Breathe out of the mouth. Do this 10 times.  

This simple action allows me to be fully present – and re-write my inner dialogue.  

It also allows me to move from anxious to exited – and remember that I created my schedule, and it will all get done in Divine Right Timing.  

And, finally, it slows my heart rate and brings more oxygen into my heart and brain so I can give additional focused energy to what I’m working on in the moment.  

Step 2: Create a list of everything you believe needs to be done now.  

When you have everything written down in one place, it enables you to see what projects you’re managing and the immediate actions that are needed to keep projects moving forward.

My preferred way of doing this used to be on a piece of paper – and now I really appreciate having everything in a Google doc that I can access when I’m traveling.

I have documents for connections, speaking opportunities, Design Your Destiny Live, and countless other projects – and I share them with my team so we’re all on the same page.  

((And, just between you and me, I still have the little notes on my desk, too. Writing it down vs. typing it out imprints it in my mind…and I just love all of those little notes to myself…))

Step 3: Have clear priorities each day.  

Before I leave my office and when I wake up in the morning, I review my calendar so that I am clear about what is most important to get done during the day.  

Some days are all about making new connections.  

Other days are filled with client fulfillment, program delivery and one-on-one coaching calls.  

And, other days are blocked out to write new curriculum and strategize.  

Each day, I’m clear if there is something that has a specific deadline – and try to never have it be one that is pressing or last minute (due today).  

I also examine what I want to have completed by the end of the day so I feel a sense of accomplishment.  

Step 4: Time block.  

When I’m working on a project that requires my full attention, I turn off the ringer on my phone and close out my email.  

This enables me to focus all of my energy on that one task so that it gets done.  

Whether I create a one-hour, two hour, or a 30-minute time block, I’m clear that I have only one thing to do during that block of time.

At the end of the time block, I move on to step 5 – celebration!  

Step 5: Celebrate!  

Too often, most people gloss over this step.

Yet, the act of celebration creates a neuro-network that makes doing work fun.  

Celebrate the big and small wins so that you create joy in your accomplishments.  


Overwhelmed to Overjoyed - Lisa Marie Platske

The Upside Challenge of the week is to identify where you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to move through these 5 steps.  

People follow the person first, and then their great plan.

Move from overwhelmed to overjoyed and be a leader worth following.

Remember, the world needs you and your brilliance.

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