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Have you ever visited someplace and felt like you had come home?

Whenever I visit the “Inn at Timber Cove” in Ashland, Wisconsin, this is what I experience.

My mind opens, and my heart expands.

There is a peacefulness that transcends any other place I’ve ever traveled to with Jim – and we’ve seen some amazing sights all over the world.

“The Inn at Timber Cove” is also a place where my creativity rises as I lean into new possibilities and find myself effortlessly coming up with new ideas and engaging in conversations that expand my personal growth edges.

Jim and I have been staying there for the past 16 years, and I feel as if we’re part of their family.

So, what is it about the place that seems so magical?

  • It’s the big welcome I get by the innkeepers Brian and Tina and their two golden retrievers.
  • It’s the natural beauty of the woods, and how I get to take walks with the dogs and breathe in the majesty and wonder of Mother Nature.
  • It’s the connections I’ve made within the local community and the feeling that everyone knows each other and cares for each other as fellow travelers on this journey called life.

When I am there, I am reminded of my responsibility as a leader and ask myself how my behavior impacts others.

  • Do I make people feel welcome and special when I’m in their presence?
  • Do I regularly appreciate my surroundings with awe and wonder especially since I have the ability to design my destiny and live a life that most people only dream of?
  • Do I make connecting a priority – and reflect back to others how important they are to me and my work?

Being a leader worth following takes intentional action.

I also feel that some “coming home feeling” when I sit on my deck at home and close my eyes.

It is there where I reflect on my responsibility as a leader and take the quiet time to see how I’m doing.

You want a place or places to do your internal work as much as you benefit from having a clear plan to take your external actions.

Because beyond the tangible responsibilities and tasks, leadership involves a quality of being, attitude, and behavior.

And– leaders set the tone for others and the culture of any organization or business.   

Action With a Grateful Heart - Lisa Marie Platske

The Upside Challenge of the week is to schedule time to go to a space that gives you a sense of peace and home. Take a moment to settle in, feel the connection to peace and reflect on being a leader. Are you remembering your impact on others? Are you being thoughtful about how you treat them and make them feel?

If you are, then you know how this experience is bi-directional and feels good.

And if you aren’t, what might you want to shift so it’s win-win, and you are being the leader you are meant to be?

Step in because… The world needs you and your brilliance.

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