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Starting new projects comes easy to me.

I don’t wait until January 1st, the beginning of a new year, to create new goals and aspirations.

Yet, I appreciate using the calendar year as a tool to measure progress over the course of 12 months.

I also have various tracking mechanisms to ensure I’m moving forward.

At Design Your Destiny Live, I speak about 7 Pillars of Leadership – and spend ½ of the last day on Pillar #6: Evaluate Your Progress.

Being over 3/4 way through the new year, I’ve checked in hundreds of times to see whether I’m on track or not, and continue find it’s one of the most valuable actions in my calendar.

And sometimes it isn’t in my calendar…

Sometimes, it happens because I find myself “stuck.”

Like when I fall behind on my own expectations.

When I notice fear holding me from taking action.

When I don’t know where to take action.

If I notice the early warning signs, I can take the pause that stuck-ness actually provides me– to course-correct and deal with issues instead of letting them have a negative impact on the project my team is handling.

You can create a big vision, build a timeline and create a to-do list. And, that alone is an accomplishment for many people.

Yet, if you don’t take thoughtful action on what you want, your to-do list will be left somewhere in your journal or on little pieces of paper.

Or you might find yourself mired in tasks that are not aligned with your mission.

When you are standing at a crossroads on your leadership journey, do you have a process to evaluate your progress?

What area needs to be focused on for change or growth?

There have been occasions when I thought I had a well-thought out plan, and discovered there was more to be developed– whether in the refinement of my vision or a clearer understanding of the goals I wanted to achieve.

Sometimes it’s been the inverse, and I haven’t realize I’m stagnant and only find out I’m stuck when I evaluate my progress!

Despite trying many different processes, the only medicine I’ve discovered to alleviate the pain of not moving forward is to acknowledge my own fear, read my “why” statement, and begin working on what I find most difficult.

Often that difficult thing is to look soberly at what is and isn’t working through evaluations.

It feels like it’s going to be awful and painful, and it’s actually where the truth, insights, great possibility and inspiration are born.

If I’m still struggling, I pick up the phone and call a friend because when I speak my vision aloud, I remember the difference I’m called to make in the world. Once aligned, I gain a potent perspective… and the energy of my mission.

It is in these moments that I create the momentum and don’t look back.

When I hesitate and pause too long, I’m stuck in the mire once again.

Are you finding yourself “stuck”?

Are you standing somewhere on your journey afraid to open a door? Making excuses? Struggling with clarity on your leadership journey?

Find the upside of stuck-ness and get out of the mire.

Choosing to do this will not only bring about ease in your life, it will also bless those you are called to serve and lead.

Action Thoughtful Action - Lisa Marie Platske

The Upside Challenge of the week is to identify where you are stuck and claim it instead as a crossroads moment. Decide on a process to evaluate where you are. Design and implement three actions.

If you find yourself still struggling, call a friend, seek support, or reach out to me.

Remember, the world needs you and your brilliance.

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