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Where have you mustered up the courage to do the difficult in your own life? Are you ready to powerfully step into your destiny?

When I’m speaking in organizations about leadership, the word “courage” often comes along for the ride as “Courageous Leadership: How to be a Leader Worth Following” happens to be one of my most requested keynote topics.

The word “courage” is synonymous with bravery, fearlessness, boldness, and grit.

It’s about having the audacity to step into your brilliance despite the odds stacked against you.

The dictionary defines “courage” as “having strength in the Your Destiny - Upside Thinkingface of pain” or the “ability to do something that frightens oneself”.

And, the root of the word comes from the Latin word “cor” meaning “heart”.

Yes, courage is all about those who have heart – and are willing to go the distance.

I’ve seen it show up in some of the most difficult and challenging times of my life.

…..times when my knees were knocking and my voice was quivering, and it would have been easier to just stay silent.

You have no idea the courage it took as a kid when I picked up the phone to call the police to intervene on my mother’s behalf when I could have just gone into the closet and hid.

Or, the time I stepped in at work to soothe a volatile situation while working a 16-hour shift post-9/11 when another supervisor failed to take action and put numerous officers lives in jeopardy.

Or, the time I bravely spoke up in a meeting when everyone knew what needed to be said but was paralyzed by fear, afraid to be publicly berated or humiliated if they said the wrong thing.

And, then of course it took courage —

  • …..when I left the safety of my Federal job.
  • …..when I backpacked part of the Appalachian Trail.
  • …..when I walked away from a “good enough” relationship when everyone told me I should stay, recognizing that I wasn’t created for “good enough”.

…..and thousands, if not tens of thousands, of other courageous acts in my life.

So, where have you mustered up courage to do the difficult in your own life?

If you sat down and thought about it, I bet you have thousands of stories.

Yet, there may be something right now holding you back from stepping into a bigger purpose or mission.

It can be incredibly painful when your heart and soul are inviting you to take the next step, and the voice of “am I good enough?” rsvp’s with a “no.”

The voice of “not good enough” always wants you to wait, settle for where you are right now, or be practical with your decisions.

While this voice is designed to keep you safe, comfort doesn’t change the world.

And, the longer you wait and put off living out your mission, purpose or desire to make a difference in the world, the further and further you get from ever being able to step into your destiny.

In fact, the universal law of cause and effect demonstrates that by waiting, you’re actually setting yourself up to NOT get what you really want because by staying where you are, you’re sending the messages that where you are is what you want.

Sounds crazy, right?!?

Perhaps it does – and it’s still true.

So, what is the blueprint for your destiny?

You get to choose.

All it takes is courageous leadership.

This is your time to rise and shine.

You don’t have to buy into “not good enough.”

That was my old mantra – and that familiar voice still comes a calling every now and then.

Fortunately, I’ve made friends with it.

While there are people who would tell you to kick that voice to the curb, I’m sharing that I made peace with it.

Forgiveness works wonders in life.

And, courage and forgiveness go hand-in-hand.

I’ve moved from fear to faith (the name of one a chapter in my #1 international best-selling book, Turn Possibilities into Realities) – and chosen to create new paradigms in my life.

Remove the imprint of “not good enough” – and step powerfully into designing your destiny…..

….because when you take a stand for your brilliance, the world becomes a better place.

Action Your Destiny - Lisa Marie Platske

The Upside Challenge of the week is to remember where you’ve mustered up the courage to do the difficult in your life – and to identify where you’re holding back, buying into an old story.

Remember, comfort doesn’t change the world.

Vulnerability changes everything.

See Upside. Be Upside. Lead Upside.

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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