The beginning of the year has been filled with countless opportunities within the doors of Upside Thinking, Inc.

The opportunity to work with new clients, hire additional team members, and speak to exciting new audiences has had me on the road for most of January and February.

This past weekend I had the honor of supporting two of my clients with private VIP retreat days where we worked together all day on the topic of their choosing. At the end of the day, we celebrated building a plan that would best support and honor them to live their priorities over a yummy meal at a top restaurant of their choosing.

The desire to build a happy, profitable, meaningful, and EASY life where creativity flows and money grows – the ability to make a BIG impact in the world with their work and do it without having to change who they are — is what 99% of my clients want.

Living the 7 Pillars of Leadership is critical – and I spend a ½ a day talking about how to Set and Live Your Priorities at because I believe easy-peasy success is attainable.

Do the majority of your days feel overwhelming and chaotic?

Do you find yourself operating more out of desperation than inspiration?

Do you have a sense that easing up on your nonstop effort would mean you would have to give up everything you’ve worked hard to achieve?

One of the most important life lessons to un-learn is that success happens only when you work super hard.

You were probably taught that you have to work hard for what you want.

And so you do.

You eat lunch at your desk if you eat at all.

You take a vacation once a year – if that.

You think relaxing is a waste of time.

You may even neglect your health.

Oh, and how about being fully present for loved ones – children, partners, friends, and neighbors?

Heck, how about being present for yourself?

Even when you’re exhausted, you still keep on pushing…..and secretly wonder if you’ll ever get to the finish line where your hands are in the air and you get to be your true self.

If you’re not any closer to the life you’ve been called to live, and you want a more joyful life, you’ve got to let go of the idea that success has to be stressful, lots of effort, and hard-earned.

Right now, I assure you that your “hard work” mentality is getting in the way of what you want – and if you focused on easy-peasy, you would actually achieve more.

ACTION ITEM: The Upside Challenge of the week is to examine where were are expending a LOT of effort for very little return – and be willing to let go of that which isn’t serving you for something easier.

Remember, it’s more important to move 3 things a mile than 100 things an inch.

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