I just came back from Pennsylvania where I attended my cousin Joey’s wedding. As I sat there I thought about how wonderful my own wedding day was and what an honor it is to be Jim’s wife, and how our life has changed through the past ten (10) years.

When Jim and I were living in California, we often drove from Riverside to San Diego to visit long-time friends of Jim’s who gathered together on Sunday afternoon to watch football and play poker.

One of my favorite moves is to watch a player go “all in”. 

Just as in poker, when you are wholeheartedly committed to something, you are willing to risk it all and put all of you into the end result.

Napoleon Hill reminds us that, “It is always your next move.”

Regardless of your attitude or intention, the critical element in that statement is move or action.

Going “all in” in poker is a big risk – and it’s also one of the fastest ways to grow your winnings.

Now, I’m not claiming to be an expert poker player, but I am growing into a master risk taker which continues to reap rich rewards in my personal and professional life.

Rather than the saying “yes” to the comfortable life, which would be easy-peasy, I often step out and choose the road less traveled.

How about you?

When given an opportunity, do you take a risk?

I hope so, as risk taking leads to growth and possibility – and the opportunity of a lifetime.

Every so often I get a call from someone who is interested in coaching with me because they know that for most of their life they chose security and recognize they may have been missing out on the life that they could have lived.

The truth is not whether we will die; it is whether we will decide to live.

I encourage you to accept life’s challenges, risks, and opportunities as doorways leading to a new and improved life.

  • Read a book outside your area of immediate interest.
  • Travel to that destination hot spot that’s been on your list to visit
  • Accept an invitation to do something that makes you uncomfortable, but you know would expand your horizons

This is what it means to live Upside – finding the possibilities in EVERYTHING you do in life.

Practice saying YES,” and then commit to going “ALL IN”.

Remember, life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. Live Upside.

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