When I opened Upside Thinking, Inc., I researched and designed a fourteen (14) module Upside Thinking Leadership Academy with beginning to end programming, or stand-alone modules. The training topics include vision building, employee engagement and motivation, handling generational differences, resolving conflict, managing, and effective performance management, etc.

While one of the modules was entitled Communication Dynamics, communication skills are part of every workshop.

Specifically, the art of listening  is incorporated into every exercise as it is a skill that has the ability to change an organization, and the people within.

We all desire to be heard, and validated for our thoughts and opinions.

We all desire to be understood.

Yet, how often do you truly desire to listen to others?

·        Do you invade a person’s conversation with your own opinion, advice, and prejudices?

·        Do you willingly listen to learn from another’s experiences in life?

·        Or, do you just wait until you have an opportunity to share your own experiences?

Active listening allows us to truly connect to another on their journey, whether we agree or not.

In essence, regardless of whether we agree, it’s a way to show respect for someone’s humanity.

So, the Upside Challenge this week is simple:

Lend an ear, listen UP, and learn something valuable.

Even if it’s only one thing.

I promise that by choosing to listen more often than you choose to speak you will make a difference in someone’s life – and it just may be your own.

See Upside. Be Upside. Live Upside.

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