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One of my greatest joys is speaking to a group and watching the audience transform before my eyes.

Whether it’s a new insight they’ve received from a story I’ve shared, a mindset shift because of an exercise I had them engage in, or a big “A-ha!” moment from the immediately implementable strategies I’ve given them, there’s nothing more powerful than an engaged group of people tuned in together.

For almost two (2) decades, I’ve had the privilege of delivering keynotes and specialized trainings to organizations ranging from The Girl Scouts to The Department of Homeland Security.

Logging in 1000‘s of hours on stages, in boardrooms, and workshop settings, I know what topics get an audience engaged, focused, and ready to take action.

I’d be honored to bring my specialty in Leadership, Connection, and the Power of Positioning to your company and be part of positive change.

You can see some of my most requested topics below or you can contact me to discuss a customized topic for your company.

As a professional speaker my time is in demand, so please contact me as soon as you have the date of your event set to see how what I offer would be the perfect match for your company. Together we’ll decide how my speaking can motivate, activate, and transform your audience.

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Upside Thinking Clients

“Lisa Marie is an enthusiastic speaker with a wealth of knowledge.”

– Lynda Brown, Owner, Wow Webs

“Jam-Packed with Strategies!”

“The most dynamic keynote speaker I've ever seen! A 5-star speaker!”

– Major General (Ret.) Mary Kight

My Most Requested Keynote Topics



The 7 Pillars of Leadership Success:
How to Increase Your Sphere of Influence And Position Yourself As A Leader


Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. If you’ve got the title and no one is following you, you’re not the leader. Discover these seven powerful steps delivered with immediately implementable strategies to improve your leadership EQ, make the “right” connections, and increase your overall effectiveness as a leader.

  • How to Leverage Bigger Opportunities By Creating Powerful Partnerships
  • Why Your Personality Can Help And Hinder Your Success (and What To Do About It)
  • How to Up-level Your Image and Become More Memorable
  • Why You Need a Personal Brand Regardless of What Industry You’re In
  • Why Influence Is The Key to Being a Great Leader


The Connection…The New Currency:
How to Build & Leverage Your Network to Increase Your Net Worth


Doing everything right isn’t enough to develop lasting relationships. Successful business professionals know that underneath the great product, service, and conversation, there has to be a human connection.

  • Discover Powerful Competitive Strategies to Grow Your Client Database
  • The 4 Biggest Connection Blunders – And How To Avoid Them
  • Why Connections Are More Important Than A Network (And How They’re Different)
  • Captivate Colleagues and Potential Clients with 3 Magic Words


The Attractor Factor:
How to Make a Winning First Impression in 8 Seconds or Less


Is your personal brand bland? Every successful professional knows the importance of those first few moments of contact and, more importantly, they know how to make them memorable.

  • How the Five (5) Simple Steps to Making a Winning First Impression Will Open Doors to Countless Opportunities.
  • Why the “It’s AALL about ME” Method Is Critical to Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition
  • How to Turn Your Presence into Profit

Topics can be customized for your organization.

When I was putting together my first workshop almost two decades ago, I remembered how my grandfather used to comment on how I could “change the energy in the room just by being in it.

Well, that gift is what I bring to every training I deliver.

When an organization hires me, I bring an energy that is like an unstoppable force throughout the room. And, it gets results.


First, I partner in identifying the specific results the organization wants, providing consultation on what they need that they just can’t see.

My commitment to the highest level of learning for attendees requires me to customize the training I offer. That’s right — all of my trainings are customized, not “canned”, and they are tailored to address the specific strengths and operational challenges of the organization.

Second, my design facilitates alignment with organizational vision as well as how to bridge gaps. Participants leave with the practical tools and enthusiasm needed to increase productivity to positively impact the organization’s bottom line.

Delivery options include presenting modules back-to-back over two weeks or in Lunch & Learns over several months. All workshops can include assessments, coaching, or other tools to enhance the learning process.

Call me to identify the best solution for your organization to excel.

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