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Her energy is unforgettable…she’s authentic, real, and vulnerable. – Dr. Mary Ellen Kassotakis, Senior Director, Oracle

With nearly twenty years as a professional speaker, Lisa Marie Platske understands how to engage an audience. From her first step on the stage, she keeps people leaning in, learning, and wanting more.


Infused with a combination of experience and science based research, Lisa Marie’s messages resonate and keep her a sought-after-speaker by corporate leaders, associations, meeting planners, government agencies, and universities.

Lisa Marie’s wide array of leadership experience includes work as a Federal law enforcement officer in New York during 9/11, and as an award-winning international leadership expert recognized by the White House and Small Business Administration. Her expertise inspires.


Her willingness to share her challenges vulnerably, and often with humor, makes her speeches compelling while also allowing audiences to connect deeply with her.   Her heart encourages.


Whether through the platform of her leadership training workshops, presentations, or keynotes, Lisa Marie transforms individuals and organizations and leaves a powerful wake.

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Inspire Your Audience To Take Positive Action!

for your next conference, workshop, or special event.

“The most dynamic keynote speaker I've ever seen! A 5-star speaker!”

– Major General (Ret.) Mary Kight

“People think they're attending a leadership presentation but what they get is transformation.”

– Bianca Jackson President BrickRock Exchange and Pulitzer Prize Winner

“I was blown away by Lisa Marie's simple yet profound information... she is both entertaining and informative...”

– Ellen Rogin, NY Times Best-Selling Author

“You kept our staff engaged and on the edge of their seats... powerful impact!”

– Wilson Alvarex, CEO,

Most Requested Topics:

Courageous Leadership

Leaders, now more than ever, are wrestling with how to have the greatest impact within their organization. To stand as a catalyst for positive change, they must have the courage to be bold in vision, voice and vulnerability. Take a deep dive into the key elements of courageous leadership – and walk away with proven strategies for immediate action and transformative results.

  • Maximize your effectiveness in order to be fully seen and heard

  • Discover 3 Steps and 7 Pillars of Leadership to open the door to greater innovation

  • Model how vulnerability can turn an idea into a movement and create a lasting legacy

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She embodies what leadership really is.”
– Joseph Ranseth, CEO & Movement Maker


Vulnerable Leadership

Essential to create safety in a culture, vulnerability has the ability to be your greatest asset. Leaders who embrace vulnerability understand that being visible is not the same as being seen – and being strong is not the same as being powerful. It’s about having the courage to be bold and speak your truth.

  • Understand how to better capitalize on your natural leadership strengths

  • Increase your ability to confidently handle situations you’re facing
    in business

  • Leverage the power of emotional connection to create sponsorship and partnership, expanding your influence and impact

“Lisa Marie has a gift for connecting with her audience authentically and genuinely, and in a way to guide them to take action. You cannot help but fall in love with her!”
– Candy Barone, CEO of YES! and Leadership Expert

Other Topics Include:

The New Currency

Create Relationships That Pay Big Dividends


Standing Strong While the World is Shaking

Servant Leadership

Remaining Relevant in Changing Times – Without Losing Yourself Along the Way

Inspire Your Audience To Take Positive Action!

for your next conference, workshop, or special event.

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