Hope…We All Need It

Life is full of injustices, but it is also filled with beauty. Despite the forces against you, I invite you to continue to keep hope alive. We all need it. Years ago, there was a profound bo entitled, “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” – and while I’m […]

Being Authentically, Unapologetically YOU!

Rejection doesn’t have to be brought on by other people.  At times, you may reject parts of who you are. It is time to be unapologetically you. One of my dear friends invited me to an exclusive, invitation-only event in the Washington, DC area. It was to be an […]

Are You Letting a Shadow Dim Your Light?

Have you ever had feelings of unworthiness? It is ay. Know that you have the power to let go of those feelings and shine your light bright Recently, my Mom has been going through the house in an effort to downsize and clear the clutter. As she’s been saying […]

The Beauty & Benefit of Authenticity

Being you has an advantage and it’s always what is best. You have the right to claim who you are! Let me tell you about the benefit of authenticity. On a recent group coaching call, one of my clients made a powerful statement that had me pause and take […]

Join Me in the Un-Comfort Zone!

Comfort doesn’t change the world. What steps do you need to take to out of your comfort zone and into your Un-Comfort Zone? At the end of summer, I start to think about where I am in my business — and where I want to be for the following […]

Move Beyond Fear and Into Joy!

Have you ever been paralyzed and kept from doing something you knew you were called to do? How can you move beyond fear and into joy? Have you ever been overcome by fear that it prevented you from doing something you knew you were called to do? Years ago, […]

Are You on Track with Your 2017 Goals?

As I share in my 1st bo Designing Your Destiny, you get the chance to re-invent yourself every day. Are you on track with your goals? For the past several years, I’ve been offering “Realize Your Destiny” private leadership retreat days. Clients get to come to my home (or […]

Do You Understand “The Art of Failure”?

If you are serious about being successful – and being a leader worth following, you’ve got to get really good at the art of failure. When I get asked about how I moved from LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) to CEO (Chief Executive/Enthusiasm Officer) of my business, Upside Thinking, Inc., […]

The Importance of Understanding the “Why”

When you are called to make a difference in the world by your leadership, you understand the importance of giving value. Years ago, I was working at the United States Customs Service in the Centralized Air Cargo Examination Facility. One of my employees was responsible for gathering and registering […]

How to Get Out of the Comparing Mode

Every so often, I get into a comparing mode. Every leader struggles with thoughts that try to keep them safe and small. Let’s get you out of this mode. Every so often, I get into a comparing mode. It comes on without any warning and BAM! I’m sitting at […]