Discover 5 Simple Secrets to Get More Done

What are the ways I’ve learned you can use the power of leverage in your personal or professional life to get done with less effort?

Know Why Love is Always the Answer

I am committed to mercy, justice, and protection through advocacy. And although I can’t take away the pain my clients and friends are experiencing, however, I can bring joy in the midst of it. And that’s why is always the answer

Clarity and the Power of Our Words

You are attracting the struggle that may be showing up in your life. Yes, I get this because I’ve been there – times than I’d like to admit. And this is because our words have power. I sat down at my desk with a long list of to-do’s […]

Priorities – Are You Clear On What Yours Are?

Most people believe it’s possible to have a long list of priorities — and if you work hard enough, you will accomplish everything you want.However, when you become unintentional about how you invest your time and spend it haphazardly, there is a cost. Take a lo

Are You “Golding”?

I’ve identified three spaces where someone can operate that will keep them out of being courageous, vulnerable leader. Take a lo Over the past 18 months, I’ve been stepping into the arena of speaking about vulnerability in leadership. I hired Susan Kerby, speaker coach extraordinaire, to work with […]

One Person Can Make a Difference

You can make a difference. All it takes is one person, one vision, one voice “If you change the way you lo at things, the things you lo at change.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer Statistics show that 80% of all Americans are unhappy with some aspect of their lives. (And, […]

Are You Getting Too Comfortable?

You get a limited number of days, hours, and minutes to do whatever it is you are called to do – to design your destiny and be a leader worth following. Are you getting too comfortable and not taking the one action will you take that can make a big difference?

Half Full or Half Empty?!?

I decided to take a lo at what stress actually does so I can make a re-commitment to living life on the upside, and I invite you to do the same. How do you see your glass? Half full or half empty?!

Are You Ready to Move from Exhaustion to Excitement?

Choose to live your priorities and set your day up with ease and grace so you can truly be blessed, not stressed; focused, not frazzled. Let’s move you from exhaustion to excitement

Choosing Forgiveness…It’s Not About Them

This week I invite you to choose forgiveness. Whatever you are dealing with right now. Step into your greatness, by choosing forgiveness. Because your destiny is about you and you alone.