Can You Be a Focused, Driven Leader and Have Fun?

Most of my life I’ve been called “driven.”

Uber-focused on taking action, I considered taking time out to have fun as frivolous and a waste of time.

Over the years that has changed, and now I regularly tap into my little girl energy and allow myself time to play.

When challenging situations arise, I ask her how she would handle them – and I approach the day with wonder and excitement about what I will find.

My curiosity allows me to see work situations with new eyes, and my creativity has soared.

This sense of awe and wonder and lightness has me laugh and experience joy in situations when I would have shriveled up and cried in the past. I don’t take myself quite so seriously.

The most interesting noticing about this shift in myself has been how it affects the people around me.

When others see me have fun, it inspires them to do the same…

…and I’m just as focused and driven as ever before…

Yes, really.

You see, it’s another case of both/and. I can be laser focused and driven, and I can have fun.

Before, I saw work from a very all or nothing perspective. Work and success was supposed to be “hard.” It was supposed to be intense. It was not where you should have fun.

What I have learned along the way is that I can actually pay attention longer, and the quality of my work increases when I allow for play and fun. 

I’ve coached many clients who misunderstood this concept. What they used to consider as working harder, didn’t always produce better results. Work felt tense … and they had unknowingly interpreted that tension to be intense and “good.”

What it really was, was more like forcing, and as a result sometimes more fraught with upset and drama.

You see, when you finally decide to let your “little girl” or “little boy” have input… well, that’s when you can enjoy everything more.

You will discover as I did, that you can use your imagination to creatively problem solve.

You can be intensely motivated, effective and enjoy the process each step of the way.

It’s an invitation for others to have the freedom to do the same.

People who are less focused on perfection report lower anxiety and increased productivity.  

Fostering playfulness also makes partnering with others and collaboration easier than ever before. In this natural way, the circle of influence grows bigger. After all, isn’t it often more fun to play with others?!

This seemingly frivolous addition to my “skill set” has enriched the joyfulness and success of my journey.

Want to join in the fun?!!?

ACTION: The Upside Challenge for this week isto see if you can be more curious and inject a little fun into your workday.

Notice what happens to your mood and productivity and your team or others around you. 

How does it affect your energy?

Remember, the world needs you and your brilliance. 

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