How to Effect Positive Change When You Don’t Feel You’re Making a Difference

Beautiful Upside you, remember when you were 19 and you had all of the answers, and no questions.

You thought you could save the world — all by yourself.

You set out with your big visions packed up nice and neat in that worn old backpack of yours ready to champion your cause…

You took to the sky, highways, and rails with clarity that your solutions would make the world better.

And, how you’d figured that by the time you got to today everything would have worked out according to your plan?

That by now, everything would be “perfect” and in its perfect place?

Oh, how you knew in the core of your being that your life would be celebrated.

That you’d be embraced for who you are.

That the things you wrote in your journal would have happened like in the fairytales you read about as a kid.

Your mission and plan would have revealed itself to you with fireworks and celebration, and your awkwardness would have transformed itself into poise and grace so that you now finally fit in.

All of this so you could make a difference in the world. 

Little did you know, you weren’t born to fit in.

Let me remind you, you get to make a difference every day with every word and every action. 

  • The card you sent to your friend that has been struggling with heartache
  • The way you looked at that little kid with acceptance in the restaurant when he couldn’t manage to contain his energy and sit still
  • The smile you gave when you held the door open for the man who was struggling to carry his shopping bags while holding the hand of his 2 year-old daughter
  • The prayer you offered up for a someone who looked like they were having a hard day
  • The warm embrace you gave to your colleague who just found out that her Mom has breast cancer

Do you really understand the difference you are making?

Extraordinary moments start in the here and now. 

You are making your mark on the world right now.

Every drop of love has the ability to ripple across the world and explode into a miracle.

And I’ve seen that happen with my own eyes.

Why do you think that only the BIG things matter?!?

Sometimes the smallest actions leave the biggest mark on the world and in someone’s life.

And, I get it.

Every time you give of yourself, you take a risk – and sometimes your good deeds get trampled on.

Or, you may feel unnoticed, unimportant, or undervalued.

Don’t let that stop you.

No one may see all of the good that you’re doing but this was never about them anyway.

Keep doing good because it is making a difference.

I hosted an online gathering “Co-Creating a New World: Dismantling What Is to Build What Will Be ~ A World Where Everyone Wins” and part of me thought I was crazy for doing so.

People signed up from various parts of the world and the voice of, “Who do you think you are to do this?” crept in.

Yet, I understood at a Soul level it was mine to do.

You have that voice, too – and you understand what is yours to do, even if it doesn’t make sense to you at this moment.

Right now, you may feel as if you keep giving and giving of yourself and wonder where all of this is going to get you.

You may feel that, “Hey you’ve got one life and you are running out of time…”

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

It takes courage to trust when it feels as if life is about taking out the trash, doing another load of laundry, and picking up groceries at Costco.

You have a special purpose, mission and calling – and you’ve got to believe that for your 19 year-old-self and your 59 year-old-self and for yourself right now.

You’ve got this.

So, do something to celebrate you today.

You are making a difference.

Your life matters.

You matter.

Yes, you’ve got this. Remember, the world needs you and your brilliance. 

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