For years my brother Ed and I shared an affinity for Disneyland. As adults! 

When we were both living in California, we each purchased yearly passes and would meet there at least once a month to spend time on the “happiest place on Earth.” 

Every time we went, the goal was to run through the park and go on as many rides as possible from park opening until 3pm. 

Typically, it was like experiencing the movie Groundhog Day as we went on many of the same rides, watched the same shows, and ate the same food almost every time. 

On rides that were for 2 adults or one adult and two kids, my brother would insist he could fit in the ride cart with my husband and myself, which usually resulted in fits of crying from laughing so hard. 

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. My Dad loves Disney World in Florida, and we’ve celebrated several all-adult family holidays there. 

Once again, the goal is the same – to plan it out so you get on the most rides. 

For me, at Disney World the rides have always felt scarier than at Disneyland. 

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve noticed that some of the rides just weren’t fun anymore. 

I would get on the rollercoaster and close my eyes hoping it would be over as I felt a queasiness in my stomach during every twist and turn. 

The entire time I was thinking, “Why am I doing this?” 

This is a bit like my life. 

And maybe yours, too. 

There are days where I start off excited ready to fit the most in and end up in grief, feeling the loss of what once was. 

Over the past year, I’ve been helpless and hopeful in the same breath just about every day. 

I’ve been frozen in fear, imagining that I would wake up and everything I’d been experiencing would go away. Simultaneously inspired by what can be. 

Like on the rollercoaster ride with my brother, there have been twists and turns at each corner. 


And feeling sick to my stomach. 

Overall, business has been good. 

I hired 4 new people to better serve clients, grew my “Seize Your Spotlight” and “Live Your Legacy” programs, hosted Design Your Destiny Live three times in-person (!) and am hosting a new one-day online workshop ~ Co-Creating a New World: Dismantling What Is to Build What Will Be ~ A World Where Everyone Wins, — and it still feels a bit daunting. 

There is uncertainty and fear lurking and I rely on my spiritual mentors, and trusted colleagues to remind me what I’m doing and why.  

Leadership is about inspiring, guiding, and directing others to their Highest and Best good and it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. 

Even the best leaders need someone to reflect back to them who they are and to steady them, provide connection and inspiration.   

Can you relate to this roller coaster ride? 

Along with reaching out to trusted colleagues and friends, in order to withstand the fluctuations – whether emotional or situation – leaders understand the needs of the times also require you to expand your capacity to hold all of it while remaining steady and present. 

How you do that can be unique to the moment or to you. A myriad of tools can be used to create that inner space to hold more. Here are some ways you might find useful: yoga, taking a walk, quiet time, a long bubble bath, singing, breathwork, reading or watching inspirational videos, or meditation. 

Possibility shows up in the space you create for yourself. The rides might just feel fun again.  

ACTION:  The Upside Challenge of the week is to practice the strategies for expanding your capacity, having the inner space required for managing all that is on your plate. 

Notice which are most effective. 

What do you need to do to build them into your daily routine rather than only reaching for them when it already feels like “too much”? 

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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