It’s been an interesting year in many ways. 

I’ve experienced deep gratitude and a depth of humility that brings me to my knees and moves to tears when I reflect on all I have. 

Yet with shutdowns and lockdowns, my heart is heavy as parties, gift giving and conversations about being merry and jolly have been replaced with fear of gathering with loved ones and friends. 

And this time of year has never brought lightness and joy for every person. 

It is a time of year that can trigger memories of years gone by, and broken dreams and people you wish you could pick up the phone to hear their voice one more time. Just one more time. 

If you have lost a loved one this year or simply feel alone, my heart goes out to you. 

I have experienced this countless times in my life while trying my best to pretend everything was good in my world. 

This past year has been filled with downs and ups, hurts and misunderstandings, many which took my breath away. 

If you suffered a loss that feels paralyzing and sometimes feel like you can’t breathe, I celebrate the richness and depth of your emotions. 

You are loved. 

For who you are. 

For where you are at this moment. 

For how deeply, and passionately you care about others. 

And, for all that you are. 

You, my dear friend, are loved right now — more than my words could ever express. 

So, have courage, muster up the strength to pick up the phone and call someone if you need to — and remember they world needs you and your brilliance.  

You are a one-of-a-kind superstar – and it’s possible to be both whole and gracefully broken open. 

It simply allows more of your light to be seen. 

Keep on shining your light.

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