It seems as if many of my conversations have been about the increased level of uncertainty in the world. 

One of my colleagues recently shared her perspective that it’s really not that different than during any other season of change in her life. 

I thought about this long and hard.

Life is filled with decisions. 

  • Small decisions.
  • Big decisions.
  • Life-altering decisions.

 You have to make decisions when you want to make a bigger positive difference in the world. 

Yet, not everyone trusts their own decision-making muscle especially when it feels as if so much isn’t in your control.

Yet, was it ever in your control? 

Ah, that I’m discovering is the larger question. 

When you’re making a decision about an opportunity, you may get a clear “Yes!” and your heart and mind are aligned. (I love when that happens!) 

Or, you may get a clear “no,” this isn’t a fit at this time. 

The answer to be curious about is when you get a message of, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? REALLY?!?” which is a lot of what I’m going through right now in planning Design Your Destiny Live. 

This may be the internal voice that is designed to keep you comfortable. So if you get a “ARE YOU KIDDING?!? REALLY?!?” it’s important to explore a little more, as there is immense power in mastering your own decision-making ability. 

At one of Upside Thinking’s leadership retreats, one woman spoke up about how she was afraid to make any decisions in her business. 

She talked about how she procrastinated and put off doing what she knew was right. 

Although she had built a 7-figure business and was well-respected in her industry, she regularly worried about making the “wrong” choice. 

The heart of the issue wasn’t about having the confidence to make good decisions, rather the fear of disappointing her clients and the weighted responsibility she felt having been a single Mom and struggling to feed her family in the past. 

When a client struggles over making a decision and we talk this out, I remind them of their own brilliance. 

I had her remember and share 10 decisions she made that were really, really good. I also reminded her of how most decisions can be changed. 

She created a mantra that she still uses today to remember who she is. 

Courageous leaders get decision making is about doing the best you can with the information you have with where you are standing at this moment in time. 

Research shows that if you don’t make a decision in 5 minutes, the likelihood of saying “yes” decreases significantly. 


Because it’s easier to talk yourself out of something than into it – even if it’s an aligned “yes”. 

Research also shows that you’ll be happier with a decision – and no regrets with creep up – if you take the leap of faith. 

It’s really the cost of inaction that has a higher price tag. 

When someone calls me to talk about the possibilities of working together, I don’t play the convincing game. 

I simply hold space for them to take their own leap of faith if they’re ready. 

Making decisions is part of life. 

Making great decisions will ensure you design your destiny in a way that allows for you to have more ease, joy, and the ability to make a bigger positive difference on the planet.

ACTION: The Upside Challenge of the week is to analyze your process around the decisions you make this week. 

At the end of each day reflect on the quality of that process. 

At the end of the week, see how these decisions have played out. 

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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