On my last travels to Costa Rica, I spent 2 glorious weeks in the jungle taking a Master’s in Psychosomatic Therapy course. 

My time there was magical as I had the opportunity to make new friends, deepen existing relationships, and invest in quiet time with me. 

When my training was completed and I traveled back to San Jose where I’d be flying out of, Jim flew in to meet me for 4 days.

We had planned this time so I could re-acclimate to the noises and energetic shifts as my body transitioned from nature to concrete – from the real, forest jungle to the urban, concrete jungle.

The few days there with Jim also provided me time to reflect back over the preceding weeks. 

What transpired for me during the training was laughable as I thought I was going there to learn – and discovered I was the teacher! 

I don’t mean that I led and was required to facilitate the 2 week training, it’s simply that I had the expectation that I would be memorizing more concepts about psychosomatics.

I soon understood that would not be the case.

My instructor, world-renowned expert Carole Maureen Friesen, shared that the master’s level was about self-mastery, and I was to listen to my body for 2 weeks. 

Say, what? 

Truly confused, I didn’t understand why I had traveled an entire day and wasn’t going to get more information directly given. 

I had expected papers, slides, and bigger books where I would be pouring over case studies, drowning in new material and there was very little of that. 

I was already feeling a bit selfish for taking this much time away from my business and husband and now it was going to be all about me learning about how to be me. 


So I just flew 5 hours, stood in line for 2 hours in immigration, and then drove 4 and ½ hours to get to Heaven and Earth Sanctuary and I’m not learning about anything other than how to listen to me?!? 

Standing at the front of the class trying to wrap my head around this was mind-boggling. 

In that moment, I decided to trust the process. 

I knew I was led there by the Holy Spirit and this was the next assignment in the fulfillment of my mission. 

I am grateful I trusted the process. The insights my body gave me provided a lifetime of lessons in less than a week and I was in awe. 

On day #5 after yet one more synchronicity, one of my classmates said, “You can’t make this shit up.” LOL. 

After a full week, We had 2 days off. 

On the 1st day off, I was very tired and slept most of the day. 

When I called my husband, I told him I felt guilty for resting and taking time for myself. 

He said, “Isn’t that what you’re there for?!? And, isn’t it your day off designated by the program?!?” Somehow I was sure he and my instructor had a conversation. 

What transpired throughout the 2 weeks is something I can’t quite put into words. 

The personal growth that happened was transformative for my journey as a leader, business owner, and wife. 

The sacred time will be reflected in my work with clients and what I’m called to do on the planet. 

I spent time on the way back revamping my next retreat outline to include some of this work, and I look forward to sharing the fruits of the learning – from the jungle, my peers and teacher, and my body. 

ACTION: The Upside Challenge of the week is pretty simple.

It’s to remember that you deserve the best of you. 

See Upside. Be Upside. Live Upside. 

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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