What does it take to be a courageous leader?

Is it about your ability to take big risks and step outside your comfort zone?

Or, is it about the ability to do something new and innovative?

Yes, it’s all of that – and courageous leadership is also about how you show up when life feels hard vs. when everything is going your way.

During dark seasons do you have the courage to say, “I trust and believe this will work out for the best?”

Or, do you move into feeling utterly defeated and completely hopeless?

Courageous leaders get that this is a both/and situation.

They get that life and business don’t always make sense. They get that it doesn’t always feel good. They get that it takes trust and belief.

You don’t have to deny where you are or how you’re feeling.

You just can’t allow yourself to get stuck in a sea of despair.

This is why I love gratitude.

It’s the anchor that rises all tides.

Even if you’re feeling weighted down by your circumstances, you still have a choice of how you’re going to show up each day.

When your eyes are lifted, your heart is shifted.

The darkest seasons of my life have given me the courage to lead in a way that is very different than if everything had gone my way.

Darkness can be the perfect training ground for your destiny.

The difficult places you desperately want to be done with can also be used for good.

Courageous leaders see dark times as a womb, not a tomb.

The opportunity to birth something new vs. the death of what they once had.

What I’m describing isn’t easy. 

Yet, I have witnessed that everything happens for a reason and in Divine Right Timing.

Even when it doesn’t seem to make sense.

ACTION: The Upside Challenge of the week is to choose one or more of the following actions to step int a new level of leadership:

  1. Practice gratitude each day,
  2. See how the darkness you are in (or have experienced) can be an opportunity.
  3. Take a risk or action outside your comfort zone.

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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