John F. Kennedy once said, “When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” 

Right now, you may be challenged to find the opportunity in what is going on around you. 

Yet, this is your chance to more fully step into being a leader worth following. 

  • How can you step up as a force for good on the planet?
  • Who will you partner with during these uncertain times?

 I had sent out a check-in email to clients and asked them if they want to use this time to deepen relationships within our coaching community by creating a connection to an Upside Impact Partner internally. 

Reminding them that they are responsible for the partnership, I had asked them to be in inquiry about what they will give and want to receive. 

Leaders understand how this is true for all partnerships in life.

Partnership is designed to be fun, honoring of both of you, and an investment – and the best investments pay big dividends. 

Although Jim, my partner in love and life, and I choose to see this time as an adventure and an opportunity to live leaner, smarter, and cleaner, we’ve had conflict and a few growing pains. 

Our commitment to be in the difficult conversations has expanded our emotional intelligence skillset and allowed us to stay focused on what matters most – our partnership. 

And there is grief all around me. 

Recognizing the 5 stages of grief when I’m in conversations has been a powerful guide throughout the day. 

Getting outside to take walks with Jim every evening has helped me to clear my head before laying it on the pillow and enjoying a good night’s rest. 

Here are the 5 stages of grief if you’re not familiar with them. 

  • Denial: “This virus won’t affect me. I’m healthy and rarely get sick.”
  • Anger: “’They’ are making me stay at home. Don’t they understand the consequences to my ___________(fill in the blank)”
  • Bargaining: “Alright. I’ll play along. If I choose to physical distance for X weeks, everything will be better – and we can get back to normal.”
  • Sadness: “I don’t understand. I feel helpless. When will this end?”
  • Acceptance – Physical and Emotional: “This is happening. I choose to look for positives and find ways to thrive.”

 Your friends, family, and loved ones may be grieving – and you may be experiencing one of the stages, too. 

Remember this when you’re communicating with others – and be gentle with yourself, too. 

Although scary in many ways, there are possibilities, creative responses, and the chance for a Divine reset that the planet needs. 

Look for the miracles. They are all around. 

You remain in my heart, in my prayers, and close in Spirit. 

ACTION: The Upside Challenge of the week is to check in with yourself and your loved ones. 

Are you experiencing one of the stages of grief? 

Practice gentleness and acceptance – for yourself and others. 

Look for small miracles every day and share them. 

From this loving place, choose how you want to step into leadership at this time. 

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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