Defined as the “mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual,” character is comprised of the many qualities that make you the leader you are. 

Crises and challenging times test your character – and may have you question your role as a leader. 

When something is turned upside down, how do you decide what to do – and whether to pivot how you lead? 

As the energy has been rising on the planet, I’ve been called to be still. 

I’m on my own personal journey of understanding what it means to be a leader and tap into a new way of being. 

In taking a stand for unshakeable peace and unconditional love, I’ve disengaged from the drama that many people are experiencing. 

This doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge how the world is changing around me. 

It’s simply that I get to choose who and how I want to engage. 

In a crisis, many people focus on surviving, not thriving. 

While there may be real challenges (I’ve got some big ones right now around my parents well-being), I’m choosing to focus on the upside. 

In companies around the world, leaders are stepping up to reconnect with their employees like never before. 

People are coming together to collaborate and make decisions not only for the good of a few, rather for the good of all. 

And, organizations are rediscovering their real purpose for being in business. 

Crisis has the ability to serve as a catalyst to allow us to be who we’re really called to be to make a bigger difference on the planet. 

Test your character as a leader. You are up to it.  

ACTION:  The Upside Challenge of the week is to pay attention to what this crisis has revealed to you. 

Use it to catalyze a change you want to make. 

Commit to rising to the challenge. 

Take 3 actions in alignment with that commitment. 

Remember to include partnership in your plan — to guide you along this new direction. 

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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