Storybooks often start with “Once upon a time…” and when they do, you can be transported back to when you were 6 years old.

Remember being 6?

You were sure there was something Big and Important for you to do in the world.

You were 100% certain which is why you would wake up excited every morning.

You knew you were going to Make a Difference in the world and you were going to set out on a quest to find it as soon as you were old enough to do so.

The path you chose seemed like the right one, and yet over time things started to get a bit less certain.

Life happened, you settled for “good enough” – and the clouds seemed to cover the sun.

You might have made compromises you didn’t even realize you made.

You might have listened to all the “shoulds” and “behaved” instead of honoring the vision that had you hopping out of bed.

The path was no longer clear and somehow you took a wrong turn, leaving you wandering around the forest without an end in sight.

You began wondering how you got here, doubting your gifts, abilities and talents.

It seemed you’d never make your way out of the woods and back on your path again.

Can you relate?

It’s a story I tell because it’s one that is oh, too familiar with many people in the room at Design Your Destiny Live.

A story that resonates with my Destiny Designer community, clients and colleagues alike.

My clients and people in the room at Design Your Destiny Live rediscover their passion for their purpose and their brilliance.

There’s nothing ordinary about you.

You are meant to accomplish great things in your lifetime.

You are meant to inspire the people in your world, however you define your world, – and, yes, your path may not be clear.

There may be things that cloud your destiny and distract you from what you’re designed to do.

There may be times when you may feel lost, alone and not sure where to go next.

Yet, you are here for a reason – and you’re reading this for a reason.

Great leaders listen to the inner voice that reminds them they are here to do something to make the world a better place.

They understand there will be distractions and so they intentionally surround themselves with a community of leaders through mastermind groups, executive forums, and coaching circles who are out on a similar quest.

And, they get they have a trail to blaze that is all their own.

I’m convinced that the world would be filled with less ills if everyone fully stepped into their mission and calling.

Remember who you are and what gets you excited.

Create the change your called to make.

Let go of the “shoulds”, and make them into “get to’s”.

Blaze your trail.

Design your destiny. Live.

After all, the world needs you and your brilliance.


The Upside Challenge of the week is to think back to your earliest memory of your mission.

What got you excited?

Allow the rush of thoughts and feelings around it.

Now, with that energy think about what you need to design or re-design what you are doing. Do life…on purpose.

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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