In June of 2010, I had three days that changed everything for me in my business. 

I started my business in 2005 – and had some big wins. National recognition for my leadership, my 1st book was published, and large contracts.

In 2010, I was feeling completely overwhelmed and thought, “This is not what I signed up for.”

And then I was invited to a live event.

And when I looked at the invitation, while it sounded interesting, my first thought was, “How can I step away from my business for 3+ days? This is crazy.”

Now, what was really crazy is that I had hosted my 1st event in 2008 – and yet, I couldn’t justify attending an event!

I wasn’t doing any business travel at the time and I was suffocating in my office.

Sure, I went to networking events and was active in my local Chamber of Commerce, but there was no extension of learning outside my small circle.

When I read about this event, I knew in my soul I had to go.

In three days, it changed everything for me, my business, and dare I say, my life.

At that point, I had been struggling alone, trying to figure everything out by myself.

What I loved about my business was how it gave me the freedom, fun and flexibility to work anywhere I wanted.

Yet, I didn’t work anywhere else. Everything I did was within the small bubble of my creation.

I had cultivated some amazing contacts, yet I didn’t deepen those connections.

After putting myself out there at the event, I met people who were doing business in new ways that excited me.

The ideas they shared led directly to changes that I still implement in my business today.

From those connections, my business began growing and expanding – and so did my love of live events.

I signed up for various programs, investing in my personal growth and development, not just the growth and development of my business.

From those years of investing in programs and events, I have met speakers, sponsors future partners and many, many connections that are still alive and well today.

This is why at my annual Design Your Destiny Live event you’ll see people who I’ve met over a decade ago.

I can’t even describe the joy that comes from expanding your perspective by meeting people at live events.

Whether you own a business or not, if you’re working without getting out and actually meeting new people, you’re missing out.

In 2020, Design Your Destiny Live, formerly the Leadership Success Summit (the name change came from a connection from a live event!), turns 12. 12. I can hardly believe it.

At the event, I get to celebrate the superstars of my community and shine light on what other people who are making a massive difference in the world are doing.

My vision is to create a world where everyone wins.

This is possible with what happens at Design Your Destiny Live.

So, I encourage you to sign up for a live event.

Come to Design Your Destiny Live.

When you get out to live events, there’s learning, inspiration, and connection.

Your next partner could be in the room.

If you’re sitting there thinking, “I can’t travel. I’ve got young kids” or “I can’t take that much time out of my work week.” or “I can’t afford it”, you need to realize there’s always a way to do what you want most.

Last year, I had someone tell me all three of those reasons why she couldn’t attend – and 3 months later she found a way to take a vacation because she was burned out.

Had she come to Design Your Destiny Live she would have saved herself the trouble of burning out by refueling and getting tools to stay healthy – and make more money.

I hope you join me.

Remember, the world needs you and your brilliance.


The Upside Challenge of the week is to assess whether you need to develop and expand your circle.

What contacts, connections, partnerships, people, or growth opportunities do you need in your life and business?

Sign up for a live event, whether it’s Design Your Destiny Live or another.

Make the investment in yourself. The world needs you and your brilliance.

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