Turning dreams into a reality can sound unrealistic which is why several years ago I wrote Turn Possibilities into Realities.

Wanting to showcase people who turned a “what if…” into a “what is…”, the book title became a personal mantra of mine.

If you never take action on what you want, your vision may simply be a daydream.

The concept of turning possibilities into realities is about doing something every day to move your dreams from possibility to reality.

Working with trailblazers, what I hear from some of my clients is how achieving their goals has happened much faster than they thought.

See, your vision is much closer to becoming a reality than you may realize.

It’s easy to think what you want is far away, out of reach, or that you’re too (fill in the blank with your own negative speak) to achieve it.

Perhaps your whole life you’ve been told that this is crazy talk.

…that dreams are for 10-year olds with imaginary friends and designing your destiny is unrealistic.

Yet, every successful trailblazer, outlier, entrepreneur, boat rocker, or difference maker or any person who has ever been successful at anything will tell you that success starts with a dream, a vision and a choice.

You make the decision to take one action and then another.

Success doesn’t just happen; it takes intentional effort – and a then a plan with a clear end in mind.

Even when I talk to people who tell me about how they got “lucky” they quickly turn the conversation to what they did to capitalize on the opportunity, realizing that they would crash and burn if they didn’t get strategic in their thinking.

The difference between someone that has a dream and someone who turns it into a reality often comes down to the planning.

A dream has a more intangible quality. It doesn’t become a vision until you dig deep with effort to clarify and develop it with specifics.

Then comes the planning: the strategic plan of actions required to achieve goals intrinsic to the vision.

It’s almost impossible to bring into existence a dream to vision to reality without a plan.

Instead of staying in overwhelm about how to get from here to there with your dream, a plan helps you build a map with actionable steps.

It takes commitment and persistence.

Honor your vision by taking one action every day to turn it into a reality.

You can do this.

You’re meant to do bigger things.

Things that may make you nervous…

…and are worth it because of the impact and influence you’ll have on your world, however you define it.


The Upside Challenge of the week is to dust off your plan for your vision. Recommit to taking one step every day. Put the action step in your calendar. Collect steps like you would track them on a fit-bit. Remember, each one gets you closer to your goal.

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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