Do You Know What Makes You Stand Out (Your Secret Sauce)?

Did you ever watch a talent show and think, “Wow! That’s amazing!”

Or, see a video on social media and wonder how in the world this person got to be so good at what they’re doing?

You have gifts, abilities, talents, and expertise that no one else has, too.

There is something in you that others look at with awe and wonder, that you may think is just normal because it comes so easily to you.

Five years ago the mantra for Upside Thinking, Inc. was, “The world is made for those who stand out, not those who fit in,” and that still reigns true.

Yet, you may have fear around shining your light as brightly as you can.

Perhaps someone made a comment years ago that made you feel it was more important to belong, so you hid your gifts.

Or, perhaps you don’t share your gifts because it seems weird to claim them – and you imagine you may be judged.

What comes easily and naturally to you is what makes you special.

It’s your genius.

And, if you’re hiding it from the rest of the world, the world is missing out on a huge piece of who you are.

When I’m speaking to clients about their personal brand, I share that wherever they feel uncomfortable standing out, this is what they need to display loudly and proudly.

It’s THE magic sauce – and it allows you to operate with ease and grace. 

When people see this part of who you are, they get the authentic vs. the generic.

As a kid, my grandmother used to buy Cola products vs. Coke and chocolate crème wafers vs. Oreos and try to convince my sister and me that they were the same.

They’re not.

Your secret sauce is in your unique gifts, abilities, talents and experiences – and showcasing them could be the difference between you losing an opportunity or getting one.

I grew up thinking I had to keep my head down, be quiet, and fit in in order for people to like me.

Maybe you did too.

Choose to be special and bring your one-of-a-kind uniqueness to create a meaningful personal brand.

When you don’t, the world misses out.


The Upside Challenge of the week is to identify where you stand out without even trying.

Do you hide it?

Try a bold experiment.

Embrace it as your gift.

Lead with it.

See what happens.

The world is made for those who stand out, not those who fit in.

Shine your light.

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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