One of the little things I appreciate about my business is the ability to take days off during the week.

When I worked in law enforcement, I had to often work on weekends. And, now, most of the conferences I attend happen over a weekend. 

It really doesn’t matter if it is to run errands or have lunch with Jim, I just like the idea of having off when most people are working because it feels like more fun.

Perhaps this is because I missed out on the fun of skipping school as a kid.

So, one afternoon a few years ago, I was shopping with one of my girlfriends at Marshalls.  

I came out of the dressing room and was pulling and tugging on my outfit and said to her, “This dress doesn’t fit right.”

She looked at me quizzically, and in that moment, we both burst out laughing realizing I had the dress on backwards!

We laughed so hard there were tears coming down our faces.

Maybe you’ve never done this before and maybe you have.

What if you had it on backwards?

This made me think about my life and my business.

What if you had it on backwards?


I mean, what if you worked really hard to be successful to finally enjoy the life you’ve created.

What if that’s not the way life is meant to be lived?

What if you have it on backwards?

When I first wrote Designing Your Destiny and founded the annual Design Your Destiny Live 3-day leadership conference, it was about leading from a place of designing your ideal life – your destiny – first, and then being successful in your career or business from that place.

You want to do what you’re most passionate about AND not compromise your lifestyle or sell your soul in the process.

How do you do this?

One important step is to examine where you have been doing it backwards.

See where you have compromised and sacrificed from guilt or external “should” that undermine your true values, needs, principles, and goals.

What is truly dear to you? When you see clearly what is important to you, isn’t that a better place from which to measure success?

From that understanding, it’s easier to achieve the external measures of a successful career or business.


The Upside Thought of the week is to spend time reflecting each day this week on what you might “have on backwards”. See where you want to re-negotiate a compromise you have made that is “backwards” to what you are truly committed to in your life.  The world needs you and your brilliance.

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