You have dreams. 

Big Dreams. 

Maybe dreams that lay dormant from decades ago… 

Or, dreams you walked away from because they never felt like they would become a reality… 

Or, maybe dreams that you just can’t seem to find the time to pursue…  

I get it. 

As someone who has engaged in a stop-start-stop pattern in the past, I never thought I was ever ready or able to do what I was called to do.  

I questioned myself. I discounted the quiet voice. Doubt crept in and kept me from taking action. 

What I’ve learned is if you’ve got big dreams, you’ve got the gifts, talents, and abilities to pursue them. 

I’ve also learned this push forward/pull-back place is how a mission and calling starts out.  

Sometimes it’s a quiet nudge or whisper. Just because it’s quiet, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  

And, the quiet nudge or whisper can turn to a loud ache and stadium chant if you don’t move forward with a first step. 

Once again, I understand the frustration and feeling too small to step into the bigness of calling. 

You have what it takes to do the work you’re called to do. You can trust that what you don’t “have”, you can learn, find, or get along the way.  

Here are three lessons I’ve learned on my own journey of designing my destiny. 

  1. Take the leap of faith. Even if it doesn’t make sense, a net will appear. So, jump! 
  2. Let go of the need to get it “right” or “perfect”. Simply take the next step and become friends with failure along the way as you learn to love the lessons that show up throughout the journey.
  3. Be gentle on yourself. It takes great courage to design your destiny so extend a little kindness to yourself.

Once you start taking steps, you can gain momentum, create relationships you never would have, discover… ….and, miracles start to happen. The people you’re called to serve are waiting for you.  Don’t quit before the miracles. 


The Upside Thought of the week is to examine where you “are”.

 Is doubt or fear of failure holding you back?  

Remember the quiet voice inside you.  

Remember the people you’re called to serve.  

Apply one of my 3 lessons.  

See what miracles unfold.  

Write them down and share them with a friend.  

The world needs you and your brilliance. 

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