Even the most driven and success-minded leaders have blind spots.

The good news is there’s often a cure for any given ailment.

In my business, I’ve found it comes in the form of people who have x-ray vision – the ability to see beyond what is visible.

One of my favorite cartoons growing up was “Super Friends,” a group of the greatest of the DC Comics Superheroes who had special powers to do good in the world.

And if you’ve spent much time with me, I’ve probably shared how I secretly wanted to be Linda Carter aka Wonder Woman when I grew up.

This is how I see coaches, mastermind partners and mentors on my journey – as the super heroes for my life.

You can have a blind spot and still live out your mission and calling, and still be wildly successful.

The key is to fully understand your blind spot, and have tools to move past it.

Most people get stuck because they try to go it alone and simply can’t see their own way.

I get this because I’ve made that mistake more times than I can count, believing I could figure out what wasn’t working on my own, only to have to do more of what wasn’t working, more efficiently.

Ultimately, I did not solve the real problem. I merely got better at doing the wrong thing.

We all need someone outside of ourselves with experience and wisdom to see what we can’t fully see.

Today, I have several people who do that brilliantly for me.

It’s been one of the biggest gifts I’ve received in business and my own personal growth trajectory or I wouldn’t be where I am today.

And, I’m blessed to get to do this for my clients.

Recently, one of them was joking around and said, “Do you have some sort of superpower? How are you always able to see the problem and solution so clearly?!?”

As she expressed appreciation for me having my eyes on her and her business, I remembered the value of having someone with experience and intuition do the same for me, examining where I was and where I wanted to go so I got what I wanted. 

Do you have someone who can do this for you?

Someone who has a massive amount of experience – and is spot on with their assessments?

I’m a big believer in doing things smarter and easier so that you get to enjoy more of your life.

And, it allows you to create inner alignment with the difference you’re called to make on the planet.

You can have all the drive, enthusiasm, and vision in the world – and if you can’t see the thing that is tripping you up, you will never accomplish what you want.


The Upside Challenge of the week is to identify an area in your life or business where you may not be making the progress you want. For example, were are you spending energy to be efficient, and it’s not effective in the long run? This is where you need to call in a “superhero”.

Reach out – and make that call for support.

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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