When I first started to write my newsletter, I avoided writing anything that was vulnerable.

While I wrote about my personal experiences, in my head I made up a story that people wouldn’t see me as successful if I was transparent. 

And, if they didn’t see me as successful, they wouldn’t like me let alone work with me.

What people wanted was to read about my leadership lessons, receive tips and strategies and any other relevant information on how to be a better leader so they could get the next promotion if they were working in a company or grow their business if they were working for themselves. 

In 2013, my marketing director urged me to share more personally, so over the past few years I have allowed myself to open up more and let people into my world. 

And it’s been an incredible adventure because doing this has had me come face-to-face with my own leadership shortcomings.

I’ve looked at what I’m not doing so well – and had to make decisions about what to do about it, leading me on a long and winding journey of personal and professional growth and development.

Choosing to be openly vulnerable with everything I do has made a big difference in who I get to work with as clients.

Perhaps it’s because we would all prefer to engage with someone who is real and experiences the same lows and highs that we do.

Or, perhaps it’s because we are in it together. You and I.

When you share who you are and what you believe, the people you’re called to serve can hear you. It resonates deep within their soul.

That’s why I’ve always told my clients it’s important to ask as many questions in an interview as you answer.

You want to make sure you’re in the right place.

And, if you own your own business, this is doubly true.

It’s important to write the way you speak, have an opinion (the world is made for those who stand out, not those who fit in) and share stories from your own experiences.

Recently, I shared a photo of my husband and I in Prague trying to take a selfie.

I found the photo on the phone and it just cracked me up remembering the 20 minutes it took to capture the moment that turned out to have nothing noteworthy in the background. For all of that work, the photo could have been taken anywhere, and I shared the silliness of the experience in a comment along with the photo.

That brief comment on my Facebook page receive over 150 likes and comments.

Are you kidding me?!? 

I found this to be hysterical. People appreciated and connected with my being human.

So, I want to urge you to be more of you, including all the rough edges, when you speak to your clients, colleagues and loved ones.

This will allow you to feel better in your business and your business will reward you with more revenue, more clients, and more fulfillment. 


The Upside Challenge of the week is to identify how you are going to be more authentic when communicating. Have you been withholding in an attempt to seem “more” or “better” rather than be more of yourself? Choose two (2) people this week to share with more authentically. Note how you feel, and how the other person responds.  

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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