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Is there a part of you that you’ve been keeping quiet? Don’t you think it is time to embrace vulnerability and step into the life you truly want to be living? I assure you it is a magical adventure

Thirteen years ago, I was clear that continuing my career in Federal law enforcement wouldn’t be good for my marriage.

Because I knew I couldn’t stay where I was and really didn’t know what I was going to do, I explored several different options including opening an event planning business, and being the executive director of 5 police academies.

I spoke to my mentor who told me to take the executive director job, rather than opening my own business.

Despite her outlining all of the reasons this job was for me, my passion for leadership, and desire for the perceived freedom, fun, and flexibility in owning my own business made opening a leadership training and consulting business a risk I was willing to take.

At the time, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into and I’m not sure that I knew being a business owner was a risky proposition as I saw it as a wonderful adventure.

Yet, when I started to market myself and my service I vacillated between being sure of myself and wondering I wasn’t good enough to succeed.

Looking back, I thought I couldn’t be successful in business and be myself.

So, I introduced myself as “Lisa Marie” not Lisa which is what everyone who ever loved me called me since I was a little kid.

Lisa Marie was my full name, and I felt it carried more weight and felt more serious.

I decided that when I showed up in business, I would show up as Lisa Marie, not Lisa.

Meanwhile, my husband and every family member and close friend called me Lisa.

Fast forward to March of 2017…

I had an Akashic record reading where I had an epiphany that for all of these years I had worn “Lisa Marie” like a disguise, a “character” in my business.

Deep sigh.

Here I was working with clients who wanted to come out of hiding and be seen, heard, and rewarded for their brilliance – and I was teaching them how to do that.

I was watching my clients get lucrative contracts, and take on meaningful projects, and I was still struggling with hiding and being seeing for my own brilliance.

Really seen.

Really heard.

Really rewarded for being my brilliant, talented, gorgeous bright and shiny self.

((I’ve heard that you teach what you most need to learn. Mmmhmmm…))

Two+ years ago, I made the decision to step into my business more openly and vulnerably.
Vulnerability - Upside Thinking

I changed my tagline from “The world is made for those who stand out, not those who fit in.” to “Comfort doesn’t change the world. Vulnerability changes everything.”

It was an adventure in learning how to be more of myself – and how to publicly be okay with every piece of me that felt like it didn’t make sense.

Yet, as I’ve been doing this, I’m aware there have been parts of me that have been left behind when I began introducing myself as “Lisa Marie”.

So, this is me outing myself.

I am both – Lisa and Lisa Marie – as Lisa Marie is my given name.

What I’m saying good-bye to is the part of me that turned Lisa Marie into a made-up character.

I want to be comfortable with all of me and value all pieces of who I am the same.

I’ve always been a bit outspoken and walked to the beat of my own drum and been shamed for it.

Stepping into Lisa Marie enabled me to create a safe haven in a world that often wants us to fit in, not stand out.

Perhaps I’m finally ready to fully be seen, heard, recognized, and rewarded for my own brilliance.

And, if you ask me what name I prefer, I will tell you I love them both the same – as I love all parts of who I am.

Action Vulnerability - Upside Thinking

The Upside Challenge of the week is to lean into where you may be hiding out. Is there a part of you that you’ve been keeping quiet?

The world needs you and your brilliance.

The world needs me and my brilliance.

Comfort doesn’t change the world.

Vulnerability changes everything.

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