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Are You Getting Too Comfortable?

Are You Getting Too Comfortable - Upside Thinking

You get a limited number of days, hours, and minutes to do whatever it is you are called to do – to design your destiny and be a leader worth following. Are you getting too comfortable and not taking the one action will you take that can make a big difference?

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The Upside of Gray

The Upside of Gray - Upside Thinkin

This week’s Upside Thought is by guest writer and Upside Thinking, Inc. Coach, Suzanne Dudley Schon. She was recently on stage at Design Your Destiny Live sharing her wisdom and genius. Enjoy discovering the Upside of Gray!

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Where I’ve Failed This Year

this year - Upside Thinking

Like any other human begin, this year I’ve failed. Because of my continued commitment to transparency, I want to share my top 3 failures with the entire Upside family I just came back from hosting a 2-day, invitation-only Get Your Year in Gear: Influence Amplified retreat in Phoenix where there were as many tears shed…

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Hope…We All Need It

We all need it - Upside Thinking Inc.

Life is full of injustices, but it is also filled with beauty. Despite the forces against you, I invite you to continue to keep hope alive. We all need it. Years ago, there was a profound book entitled, “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” – and while I’m not going to share what’s in…

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The Importance of Understanding the “Why”

Understanding the why - Upside Thinking Inc.

When you are called to make a difference in the world by your leadership, you understand the importance of giving value. Years ago, I was working at the United States Customs Service in the Centralized Air Cargo Examination Facility. One of my employees was responsible for gathering and registering data that would be sent to…

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Leadership is About Influence

Leadership is About Influence - Upside Thinking Inc.

Leadership is about influence.  Great leaders have the capacity to influence by being. May you have the courage to take this journey Leadership is about influence. [easy-tweet tweet=”Leadership is about influence” user=”UpsideThinking” hashtags=”leadership” template=”light”] Great leaders have the capacity to influence by being. Their very presence makes someone want to follow because of how they…

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Lessons Learned at the Abbey

Lessons Learned

Two weeks ago, I embarked on a silent retreat at Holy Cross Abbey. Leaving work behind was more challenging than I anticipated. Here are the lessons learned Two weeks ago, I embarked on a silent retreat at Holy Cross Abbey. I’ve had a lot of inquiries about what happened, why I went, and what I…

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