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Busyness is the Enemy of Productivity

Busyness vs. Business. Do you understand the difference? Some of my best ideas have come after I chose to do nothing. I regularly hear people speak about how busy they are — wearing it like a badge of honor – and in the same breath sharing how they have trouble fitting it “all” in. I…

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Are Your in a Summertime Slump?

Are you in the summertime slump? For most people, this happens when the weather is warm and everyone starts talking about time off and travel. It can take more energy to get out of bed in the morning as you’re feeling a bit sluggish and unmotivated. If you find yourself in the summertime slump or…

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Hope is Not Tied to Your Circumstances

Are there any deep disappointments in your life that you just can’t seem to shake? Do you feel like you’ve been asking for relief with no end in sight? Or, perhaps your life is so good right now, that you feel guilty or are sure that something not so good is just around the corner?…

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To Be a Whole Leader, You Need to Bring Your Whole Self

My husband Jim and I philosophize about life quite often. We get into hours and hours of conversation around topics that I never quite prepare to discuss. I deeply appreciate his wisdom and leadership and find his truths as insightful as if I was sitting at the top of a mountain listening to him as…

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