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Love Is Always The Answer

Judge Less and Forgive More – It’s Powerful!

Forgiveness evokes a wide range of emotions from people…  including anger.   How can you possibly forgive that? is a common reaction. After going into countless organizations where it seemed as if there were just “people-problems” I learned that often frustrations from unmet expectations led to deep resentment and anger. The remedy: forgiveness and love. When I…

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Why I Celebrate “Thankful Thursday” Every Week

The idea of a day that is set aside to be thankful inspires me which is why my favorite holiday of the year is Thanksgiving. The clients in my group coaching programs communicate in a private Facebook page. A tight knit community, they share their downs and ups, as well as their asks for the…

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What You Need to Let Go Of to Celebrate the Success of Others

Have you ever felt jealous of someone else’s successes or experiences? Have you ever looked at someone’s wins and accomplishments and thought that should have been me? Have you ever watched as one of your colleagues got recognition and accolades for a project and you just couldn’t be happy for them? Most people have jealous…

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How Forgiveness is Important to Your Professional Life

Forgiveness is Important - Upside Thinking

Over the past 2 ½ decades, I’ve been studying personal and professional leadership.   What does it take to be a leader worth following? Really.  Are there unspoken qualities or characteristics beyond the typically researched list that includes integrity, visionary, inspirational, and competent?  And, what qualities get in the way of leaders being positive agents of…

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Know Why Love is Always the Answer

Love is Always the Answer - Upside Thinking

I am committed to mercy, justice, and protection through advocacy. And although I can’t take away the pain my clients and friends are experiencing, however, I can bring joy in the midst of it. And that’s why love is always the answer

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