Upside Thinking

Plan B - Upside Thinking

Is it Time to Embrace Your Plan B?

By Lisa Marie Platske / July 24, 2018

As I’ve shared with my clients, always have a Plan B. And what’s interesting about Plan B, C, and D etc., is they ensure you will achieve what you want.

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Upside Thinking - your vision

Simple Keys to Getting Clear on YOUR VISION

By Lisa Marie Platske / July 18, 2018

I invite you to look inside and answer the question “If I could do anything I wanted without compromising who I am, What Would Be MY VISION?”

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Emotional Intelligence - Upside Thinking

The Connection Between Rest, Emotional Intelligence and Increased Productivity

By Lisa Marie Platske / July 10, 2018

Rest increases a leader’s creativity and can increase productivity, effectiveness and emotional intelligence. See how you can get more done in less time.

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Upside Thinking - Big Opportunities

The #1 Block to Leadership, Connection and Positioning – and Big Opportunities

By Lisa Marie Platske / July 3, 2018

Examine where regret may be getting in the way of you shining your light. The world needs you and your brilliance. Move into where big opportunities live

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Wealth and Leadership - Upside Thinking

Why Money Has Little To Do With Wealth and Leadership

By Lisa Marie Platske / June 26, 2018

I was inspired by a conversation I had with Gale West. So, this week, I’d like to talk with you about why money has little to do with wealth and leadership.

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Why Understanding Your “Big Why” is Critical

By Lisa Marie Platske / June 19, 2018

Are you waiting to take action until you get it right or perfect? Learn why understanding your “big why” is critical. It is your time to shine bright

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Your Destiny - Upside Thinking

Are Your Ready to Step Powerfully into Your Destiny?

By Lisa Marie Platske / June 12, 2018

Where have you mustered up the courage to do the difficult in your own life? Are you ready to powerfully step into your destiny?

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Create Your Big Vision - Upside Thinking

How To Create Your Big Vision With Ease

By Lisa Marie Platske / June 5, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about my big vision. Here are three steps to create your big vision, move you from where you and are and into the Upside Zone.

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Vulnerability - Upside Thinking

The Secret Benefit to Embracing Vulnerability

By Lisa Marie Platske / May 28, 2018

Don’t you think it is time to embrace vulnerability and step into the life you truly want to be living? I assure you it is a magical adventure.

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