Upside Thinking

Leaders Examine Information and Influence

By LisaMarie / May 18, 2020

Several years ago, my business was growing and I prayed I would connect with the right person to hire…someone who would complement my work and coach clients giving them (and me) added depth as a leader.  And, that’s when I met success coach and emotional resilience expert, Suzanne Dudley-Schon. Over the past several years we’ve worked together, we’ve each grown our own growth edges – and had…

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What Brilliant Leaders Create During Crisis

By LisaMarie / May 11, 2020

You may never have expected to experience what you’re living right now.  And I get people are hurting in many different ways.  Working as a Federal law enforcement officer during 9/11 and after 15 years in business, I’ve been through some hard times.   There were the mind-numbing 16-hour shifts where I worked 21 days straight,…

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What Leaders Do to Stay Calm and Carry On When the World is Shaking

By LisaMarie / May 4, 2020

Everyday you’re flooded with more and more information about how Coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly spreading.  The news is filled with predictions about how long this will last and its impact on the economy.  I’ve written very little about this – and have contemplated whether I should share my perspective.  The word “pandemic” isn’t in my…

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Why “Upside Thinking” is Your Best Tool

By LisaMarie / April 27, 2020

What if all the secrets to success were locked inside a vault – and all you needed to open it was to use the right combination?  What if accessing the insights, tools, and specific steps really were that easy?  Too many times in my life, I made things harder than they needed to be by looking outside of…

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Missing Mom

By LisaMarie / April 20, 2020

I arose just before 6 a.m. this morning in excruciating pain, the kind that passes the scale of 10 without a speed bump.  A headache had been hounding me for almost 12 hours when I awoke in the middle of a dream where I was conversing with my mom’s best friend, Lila, who passed almost…

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Servant Leadership Creates Joy on the Journey

By LisaMarie / April 13, 2020

My business turns 15 in 2020. 15 years. During that time, I’ve been fortunate to break bread with some of the smartest, wisest, most influential leaders on the planet. Earlier this month, I masterminded with someone I’m honored to call my friend who is considered one of the pioneers in the transformational leadership industry. Together…

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Are You Focusing On the Upside?

By LisaMarie / April 6, 2020

After many surprises over the past month, I’m even more aware than ever how precious life is. There are many opportunities to breathe, focus on the here and now, and what you have to be grateful for in this moment. What are you focusing on? Right now, many people are struggling to find peace in…

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3 Simple Tools Essential to Self-Care

By LisaMarie / March 30, 2020

Have you ever felt the kind of anxiety that had you feel as if you were spinning out of control? Perhaps you wanted to stop it, and just couldn’t figure out how to do it. Well, I certainly have. Sometimes the pull of social media, cash flow concerns, scheduling appointments, and other people’s needs can create anxiety.…

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The Importance of Thinking About Your Thinking

By LisaMarie / March 23, 2020

Four+ years ago, my business was growing and I prayed for the right person to be sent to me in order to complement my work, coaching clients in a way that would give them added depth as a leader. God (through Barb Wade) sent me success coach and emotional resilience expert, Suzanne Dudley-Schon. And, it’s…

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