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Upside Thinking

The Two Biggest Puzzle Pieces

By Lisa Marie Platske / March 18, 2013

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day which brings back lots of great memories from my childhood. For most of my life, I looked forward to two things happening every March – watching college basketball at my grandparent’s house (i.e. March Madness) and Saint Patrick’s day festivities. My grandfather, John J. Galgon, would have preferred to have…

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Peace-Maker to Progress-Creator

By Lisa Marie Platske / March 11, 2013

Over the past two years, my best friend from grade school and I have been connecting via Facebook. Neither of us grew up with a privileged background (or even a pretty one) and it’s interesting to see how we’ve both made lemonade from our lemons. Now, don’t get me wrong, we were both loved and cared…

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Shift Happens!

By Lisa Marie Platske / March 4, 2013

When I set out to open Upside Thinking, Inc., I didn’t spend much time figuring out the details because I’m not a details kind-of gal. So, I mapped out the big vision and since that first day, I have grown a bit more with each passing year. But, since I’m the one who is ultimately responsible to build the…

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Trust or Bust — Serious Success Tactics for 2013

By Lisa Marie Platske / February 25, 2013

On one of my trips with Jim at the end of the year, we were sitting in first-class and in the seat behind us were two women who were talking business. Because I had a presentation due for a new client, I was 100% focused on my work and we didn’t speak much throughout the flight. Almost immediately…

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What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

By Lisa Marie Platske / February 18, 2013

With six weeks into the New Year and the excitement of new beginnings fading further from our memory, it’s easy to slip back into your same ‘ole life and the pattern of doing what is comfortable. See, you probably know that comfortable won’t get you where you want to go but it’s well, comfortable. And, so…

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From People Pleaser to Servant Leader!

By Lisa Marie Platske / February 11, 2013

LOVE. Oh, how I enjoy showering the people in my life with love and appreciation. Whether it be in planning an event like my wedding or the Leadership Success Summit, I spend hours thinking about what I can do to make it the best experience for everyone who is there. One of the biggest gifts…

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Secret Sauce for 2013….!

By Lisa Marie Platske / February 4, 2013

I’m still on a high from my 5th Annual Leadership Success Summit. While I know some of you have been hearing about this for days, words cannot properly express what happened in that room last week. (Just check out the video on Facebook…) And, I have never felt so at peace how every piece worked…

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Are You a Crazy One?

By Lisa Marie Platske / January 29, 2013

I’m still on a high from my 5th Annual Leadership Success Summit. What an event! And, I  don’t say that because it was my event. (I am always my harshest critic.) I say that because of the brilliant attendees, speakers, experts, and educators who were part of this event.  I was stopped throughout the event by people who used…

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Leap and the Net Will Appear!

By Lisa Marie Platske / January 21, 2013

Whether I’m traveling or in my office tele-conferencing with potential clients, I sometimes hear the uncertainty of wanting something but not being “ready” to take the leap. –       Not ready to experience BIG growth in their business –       Not ready to claim a more visible position where they work –       Not ready to take risks that will push them from where they are to someplace better –       Not…

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