Upside Thinking

Connecting Into the Beingness of Leadership

By LisaMarie / June 7, 2021

We all want to be heard, seen and happy. You. Me. And yes, even the cranky guy that lives next door. Yet, many people feel disconnected, isolated, and overwhelmed and have no idea what to do about it. As doors open in a post-Covid world, the pace is picking up. That increased speed may create a newfound stress and…

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Do You Have What It Takes to Make Real Connections?

By LisaMarie / May 31, 2021

Did you know that you can get what you want up to ten (10) times faster and easier when you partner with other people?!? Connection is the business equivalent to using a lever in physics. With less effort you achieve bigger results. Do you remember “old” way of networking where you recited your 30-second pitch? It no longer works.   Actually, I’m…

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Upside Leaders Have the Courage to be Their True Selves

By LisaMarie / May 24, 2021

“Will you be bringing a PowerPoint presentation?” asked the meeting planner. My response was, “Only if you require one.” I’ve never used them at my annual Design Your Destiny Live event, and I’m not a fan of using them when delivering a keynote or presentation. My spine still shudders remembering instructors at the Federal Law…

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Moving From Connection to Co-Creation Pays Big Dividends

By LisaMarie / May 17, 2021

Because I’m an independent thinker who has been more of a rule breaker than a rule follower, the decision to hire someone who may influence my life is not a casual choice… and the truth is that while I’m eager to learn, I really don’t like being told what to do.    There, I said it.  I…

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How to Be a Leader Worthy Enough to Have It All

By LisaMarie / May 10, 2021

I used to watch other people who seemed to be living the life they desired and wonder if that could be my reality too. Could I really “have it all?” Or was that idea about as real as the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus? Now, I see that, yes… it is possible to have it…

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The Unspoken Quality that Keeps Leaders from Impact and Influence

By LisaMarie / May 3, 2021

Over the past 2 ½ decades, I’ve been studying personal and professional leadership.  What does it take to be a leader worth following? Really.  Are there unspoken qualities or characteristics beyond the typically researched list that includes integrity, visionary, inspirational, and competent?  And, what qualities get in the way of leaders being positive agents of change? …

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How to Effect Positive Change When You Don’t Feel You’re Making a Difference

By LisaMarie / April 26, 2021

Beautiful Upside you, remember when you were 19 and you had all of the answers, and no questions. You thought you could save the world — all by yourself. You set out with your big visions packed up nice and neat in that worn old backpack of yours ready to champion your cause… You took to the sky, highways,…

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What Do Your Thoughts Say About You?

By LisaMarie / April 19, 2021

If I wrote this week’s Upside Thought on a $100 bill, rolled it up and placed it into a glass bottle, and dropped it into the ocean, when you found it you would be in awe. You would probably think, “Wow!” While I don’t have that luxury to get your attention, I’d like for you…

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Leaders Take the Road Less Traveled to Make a Difference on the Planet

By LisaMarie / April 12, 2021

In light of my upcoming event, this message was worth repeating… On my way back from a few days of solitude, I heard one of my favorite artists belting out lyrics about changing the world – and thought of you. Do you feel called, deep down, that you’re meant to do more with your life…to…

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