Upside Thinking

Ready to Increase Your Decision-Making Capability?

By LisaMarie / September 14, 2020

It seems as if many of my conversations have been about the increased level of uncertainty in the world.  One of my colleagues recently shared her perspective that it’s really not that different than during any other season of change in her life.  I thought about this long and hard. Life is filled with decisions. …

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The Value of Positive Leadership

By LisaMarie / September 7, 2020

These are changing times.  Yet, I continue to move forward with my business and what I’m being called to do right now despite the swirl of external events that bring up moments of grief and sadness. When I left the Federal government to launch Upside Thinking, Inc., I did it out of my love for…

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The Best Leaders Create a Strong Foundation

By LisaMarie / August 31, 2020

I’m a huge fan of ease and grace – and shortcuts.  At Design Your Destiny Live, I share Upside Thinking’s Roadmap to Stratospheric Success.  This framework allows you to get what you want without having to change who you are.  When I left college, I wish I had understood that you’ve got to master external…

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Top Leadership Creates Confident Choices

By LisaMarie / August 24, 2020

I used to believe being powerful meant you had to have a forceful personality with a healthy ego.  I grew up watching John Wayne movies and revered sports heroes portraying a confident air about them, the level of self-confidence that seemed unshakeable.  As the years passed, I learned self-image is simply a reflection of how…

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The Language of an Upside Leader

By LisaMarie / August 17, 2020

What you say and how you say it matters more than you may think.  Words carry enormous weight, and impact your direction, perception, and connection – and sometimes for a lifetime, giving you reason to pause and give up or the courage to move forward with something you want.  In 8th grade my art teacher had…

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Forgiveness Needed – How Can You Tell?

By LisaMarie / August 10, 2020

Success coach, Emotional Resilience expert, and guest writer Suzanne Dudley-Schon is back, sharing her brilliance on the power of forgiveness in this week’s Upside Thought.  Several years ago, when my business was growing, I prayed for the right person to show up to enhance my team. I envisioned hiring someone who would complement my work and coach clients giving them (and me) added depth as a leader. …

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Creating a New World Through Courageous Leadership

By LisaMarie / August 3, 2020

Since opening the doors to Upside Thinking, Inc., I have been advocating for courageous leadership.  Over the past several years, my plea for people to step into their calling has gotten stronger and the call to action has gotten louder.  Born in the 1960’s, I don’t remember the societal upheavals of the United States of…

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Applying the 7 Pillars of Leadership to Your Life

By LisaMarie / July 27, 2020

Have you ever committed to making a change – and then slid back into the same routine as before?  You may have found yourself feeling stuck in the rut of an old pattern or habit, and don’t feel as if you have the motivation or desire to create the new results you want.  While you…

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Living Your Best Life Through Upside Living

By LisaMarie / July 20, 2020

On my last travels to Costa Rica, I spent 2 glorious weeks in the jungle taking a Master’s in Psychosomatic Therapy course.  My time there was magical as I had the opportunity to make new friends, deepen existing relationships, and invest in quiet time with me.  When my training was completed and I traveled back…

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