Upside Thinking

Growth Happens on the Inside First

By LisaMarie / April 1, 2019

In crossroads moments, discernment is the examination required to gain clarity about what to do next. The work involved is both external and internal.

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The Simple Approach to Staying on Track in 2019

By LisaMarie / March 25, 2019

If you’re not where you want to be, it can be tempting to wait it out and only start fresh during the next season. Right now is a great time to focus on designing your destiny.

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What True Connection Is Not – and Is – and Why You Need to Know the Difference

By LisaMarie / March 18, 2019

Human beings are communal creatures and need connection to prosper and flourish.

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Positioning - Upside Thinking

Learn the Most Important Aspect of Positioning

By Lisa Marie Platske / March 12, 2019

The art of positioning, one of the three (3) components of executive presence, is critical to success. Take a look and learn its most important aspect

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Big Vision - Upside Thinking

Does Your Big Vision Include Happiness, Joy & Meaning?

By Lisa Marie Platske / March 7, 2019

What if your goals and vision board were not the biggest factors of your business success? What if your big vision includes happiness, joy, and meaning?

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Satisfaction of Celebrating - Upside Thinking

The Satisfaction of Celebrating Small & Big Wins!

By Lisa Marie Platske / February 26, 2019

Have you noticed the satisfaction of celebrating small and big wins? Here’s a simple practice to begin the art of celebrating you and your life

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You’ve Got This - Upside Thinking

A Note for the Hard Days: You’ve Got This!

By Lisa Marie Platske / February 19, 2019

Right now, you may feel as if you keep giving of yourself and wonder where all of this is going to get you. I’m here to remind you that you’ve got this.

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More Creativity - Upside Thinking

Do You Need to Include More Creativity in Your Planning?

By Lisa Marie Platske / February 11, 2019

Being creative enables you to use your imagination to conjure up new ideas and see the world a bit differently. Where do you need to infuse more creativity?

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Upside Thinking - Benefits of Planning

The Benefits of Planning – Even for Creative People

By Lisa Marie Platske / February 4, 2019

The word “planning” has gotten a bad rap, especially among people who are right-brained creative beings. And there are so many benefits of planning…

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